Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Day 4- 2x2

just checking in - the last couple of days we have had gale force winds and with the eyes fresh post op...we haven't been able to work much.

Katy has never sequenced but I felt she was getting less enthusiastic, doing great but I wanted to spice it up, I was excited to see she has the idea enough to really look for those poles. The poles are a few inches between the 2 sets and the poles are just barely rotated open.  How cute is she?

Saturday, May 9, 2015

More Weaves - Day 2-3 on 2x2s

Ok generally in life, things are sort of rough because my vision is pretty bad after my first eye surgery a week and a half ago.  I'm having trouble seeing the computer and it hurts to read, and watching my videos to review what is happening is no fun,  reviewing to go to the next step of the 2x2 weaves is rough I'm wondering if I should have waited.  On the plus side since I can't work on my on line classes or do computer work, or move faster then a fast walk, I have time to be working!!!  I will have to compensate because I won't be able to finish and add any fast movement to our training...but hey, it's just dog training, if we mess it up we can fix it and Katy and I will just make allowances and do our best!

The first day we did four short sessions with the two poles - I was able to add some movement and Katy could find her way through the poles from pretty much anywhere.  The problems I could see were her tracking the toy way before I could throw it, and some pretty fun victory laps after each try- Katy would take the toy and run  on a big loop around the yard before returning, she is a fun loving girl, so that isn't surprising. So day 2 as I added in the second set of poles....I decided to try food as a reward.  Of course a new issue showed up, Katy was having a heck of a time finding the food.  So very quickly we relocated to the driveway 😎

So pretty happy with the two afternoon sessions of day 2.  It started out rocky with Katy looking back and me unable to throw the hotdogs in even roughly the right place, but we got it together.  The poles are 15 feet apart and the food did help with forward focus, made her a little more thoughtful.  So the next session on day 3 will be the same set up but adding a little movement then we can put the two sets of poles about 7 feet apart.  

Thursday, May 7, 2015


TA DA!!!  One of my favorite things to train with a young dog is the weaves.  AND THE TiME HAS COME!!!

I feel strongly about waiting until I feel like my doggies are mature enough physically, why risk injury?  And with 2x2-my preferred training method-  the dogs learn it so quickly.... my goal is to start no earlier then 14-15 months.  Katy is 14.5 months so right there.

I also just had eye surgery and have another surgery scheduled May 19, and one of the restrictions is no running or jogging or lifting for a month after. so I won't be able to totally proof these weaves with running or sticking them in a sequence but what the heck.  I plan on sessions every other day with the off days as rest.  SOOOOOOOO....when I count days for training I will be counting actual training days ;-)

OK to start the fun.....every time I think of the 2x2 the awesome video Helen King and Jef Blake made to teach agility pops to mind.  So to start off our weave adventure on the right track with a little humor-I figured most people have seen this but it make me smile.  So no we won't be using the 2x4 method of training the weaves but....LOL

Wednesday May 6, 2015.  FIRST exposure to the set of 2 poles.  I skipped the first steps because Katy has spent a week or two running a 12 foot long board with two poles at each side of the board.  This is in prep for her dog walk behavior.  I think the set up is so similar to the 2x2 that we can skip the first part and hey it is only dog training so if I am wrong we can just go back one step.  NO WORRIES!  

I did two actual training sessions that I videoed, and wow, she is a rock star.  I do think in the first session, done in the morning I threw the toy along the line really well, but the toy placement is a tad further out then I would have liked.  Not much just a tad.

Second session, ughgh, I was trying to move around the arc and add just a touch of movement, not a lot because THIS IS THE SECOND SESSION, less then 5 min just a touch of movement.  The one issue I see is I am throwing closer but she isn't totally committed to the opening so I am waiting a little too long, I'm late rewarding so at the end of the session I am getting quite a bit of looking back.  

All in all, yippie, we are on our way!!!!  I am very pleased with day 1.