Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How to keep on Track in Life

So the rehab marches on, I have started letting Breeze do a few small, short runs, and gosh it is like opening a can of worms. Once Breeze gets to run even a few feet she just seems to go wild, her eyes get this glazed look and she gets very excited, starts barking and just wants to play!!! Makes me sad I have had to limit her activities so much, but gosh she is looking good. The plan is adding in one aspect of activity every week with like a day in between workouts so that we can see how she tolerates things. We have a new little house guest - a red merle border collie that I am starting on some rehab after she had a FHO a year ago. She is not using her foot that had the surgery, so I am limiting her activity to everything on a leash so I can make sure she only gaits using that foot, I have her on most of Breezes exercises and lots of long walks. Poor girl is not house trained but doing well with the house training, but it has taken a good amount of time, LOL, but then what is new? On the plus side everyone in the family LOVES her and all the dogs think she is great. I havent done much with Chloe, Lizzie is retraining her weaves but I am not doing really well keeping on track when I am working by myself, for one thing I am not even sure of the next steps and the next steps so I am having to play it by ear and try to figure out what will work, so that makes it harder. I also have just gotten so bummed not having my own lessons or classes I should have found a class to take during this break.. BAD ME, not taking care of myself better especially when the first anniversary of some really life shattering events is coming up this week......going to take a break and just take my little Lizzie and try to have an afternoon of just reflecting and trying to work out some of this unfinished business and might look for a new class I can go to so I can reconnect with why I like agility in the first place. Soo that is the plan for this week, that and I am learning how to make videos a little better, that has been very hard to figure out and that sure isnt relaxing by any means! LOL.

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