Friday, February 12, 2010

Taking advantage of a beautiful day to get some training in

We had a beautiful day today and I needed to go down to the agility yard to pay for the new series of classes that start this week! YIPPIE! Because I have been a total sluff at working with the dogs with all the rainy weather, I decided to bring the dogs and get some work done.

On the docket for todays training:
Weave entries with Breeze, working with the entries while I am recalling her through them, then working up to running along side her.
Lizzie needs to work on attention and contacts, just sharpening up the teeter end behavior.
CRICKET, working on attention when she is excited, and just letting her be cute!

Lizzie does not get to ride like that on top of the crates, but that is where she would dearly love to sit. Cricket was MAD she was in the crate and you can see her trying to open the gate, she got really mad and finally took out her frustrations on a bone. Poor puppy, puppy abuse.

Lizzie showing her BEAUTIFUL end position on the teeter. During the break she was just a little sloppy with the teeter performance, so time to sharpen things up a bit.
Lizzies teeter performance criteria:
Load onto the teeter straight (we have some exercises we do so she understands that), I do not want to have to manage her entries ;-)
Race up and through the tip spot, I want her racing for the end
shift her weight back to her hind end and slide into position with her feet at the end, her head forward and stay there until I release her.
I feel the more clear the criteria is for my dogs, I am better able to reinforce what I want and they feel more comfortable and safe knowing what to expect.

Cricket being Cricket and trying to get Breeze to play, no one is safe from the puppy play monster!

Unfortunately we did a little weave entry work and once again Breeze is looking really stiff and limping ;-(, I am not sure what is going on so she mostly just got to play with the ball no big workout for her, guess it is time to take her in to the vet since this does not seem to be getting better ;-(, she is not looking horrible but something is definetly going on.

RUNNING CRICKET-WHOOOO HOOOOOO! She is fast! Have I ever mentioned how much fun I think she is?

Liz and Cricket playing at the agility yard, Cricket LOVES to harrass Liz, Liz is her favorite target!

PRICK EAR (ONE EAR)! Cricket lost another tooth which explains why her ears have been all over the place again!

Liz wants to practice her contacts, but isn't willing to run into Cricket's face, Cricket says "What are you doing Liz?"

Is Cricket exhausted when we got home from our adventure? NOOOOOO. She is still going to bug Breeze to play, LOL.


Sam said...

Looks like you had a fun day. Sorry about Breeze - I hope she's feeling better soon. At least she had some fun playing ball. I'm excited for your agility class posts to come back!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Glad you had a beautiful day to get out and do some training and have fun! Sorry about Breeze - hope you find out it's nothing serious and that she gets back to normal soon!

Jules said...

Kathy, How old is Breeze? I hope you are able to sort it out quickly.

Sara said...

Oh, what a fun day.

I hope Breeze is back to herself soon.

Cricket's ears sure do play tricks on you!

Jules said...

Kathy, just saw your post on my blog about Breeze. Bug has HD in one hip. He slipped down some stairs about a month ago and has been really tight since and having trouble holding his adjustments (we are going to PT on Monday).

I just ordered him some Duralactin ( from KV Vet. You might want to check it out. It is supposed to be really helpful for joint issues and inflammation. It was recommended to me last April when he strained his iliopsoas. I didn't try it then.

Recently I joined the Canine HD list and it was recommended again. Given how tight he has been I figured it is worth a try. I am also going to try Ligaplex II by Standard Process - it is supposed to help with muscle and connective tissues. Same thing - it was recommended last April - I didn't try it and then it was recently recommended on the HD list.

Does Breeze have bilateral HD or is it one hip?

Diana said...

I love dog days. Looks like lots of fun, except for unhappy Cricket in the crate. I hope everything is ok with Breeze. Poor girl. Diana

Nat said...

What a TERRIBLE thing you are doing to that puppy; I'm going to report you to the SPCA! (totally kidding! :)

Thanks for sharing! Sounds like a productive day. I hope Breeze feels better soon. Lizzie's end position looks great, good job.

I wonder what Cricket's ears will end up like. Ears are so interesting to watch as they change!

Tammy Moody said...

Look at Cricket's ears, they kill me;) Those legs, that expression, such a great age to make fun of them;)