Saturday, June 26, 2010


I really had a great time today, I did much better and just decided I was not going to let ring nerves get me too wigged out. We did not melt at our trial today-that was good. Actually it was over cast until an hour or two before our run, but it was really hot when it was finally our turn. Breeze ran better, and looked happier, watching her tail in the videos makes me happy because she was having a good time. She did not keep looking behind for me and seemed more confident, and I will take that with or without a Q-which is a good thing because thanks to my BAD feet, there were no Q's to be found today for Breeze and I! LOL

What can I say, but I am very lucky Breeze puts up with me, LOL.


First the standard run-it was a challenging course, but we did not mess up on the challenging part, LOL. Figures. Here is the course-you can make it bigger by clicking on it if you want to.

I was sooo happy because even with the heat Breeze looked happy today, she did like the parts of this course where she could extend and open up a little bit. Breeze did EXACTLY what I told her, that was the good news and the bad news!

First obstacle was a tunnel, and I was sort of standing there trying to figure out how to handle it and not paying attention to my position when Breeze got out of the tunnel, I just was thinking so much about further down the line that I was not careful, I just took it for granted that it looked like a super easy entrance to the weaves. Well, of course I had not rotated around and in the video I spent a long time with my WHOLE body telling her to go to the dog walk, and good doggie that she is-that is EXACTLY what she did.

Of course when I messed that up, I was all a twitter sending her to the weaves, did some funky front cross and pulled her out of the weaves at the end, something she never does....she was mad and yelling at me, so I gathered myself and the rest of the run was fabulous, LOL. After the table there was a serpentine with a pull through to the tire and I was really worried about that but she did stellar.

She did not read the rear cross I did before the Aframe, so it was funny because it has never happened to us that she ended up laying facing in the opposite direction from where I was, so that looked pretty funny.


OK REALLY WEIRD thing that I have been noticing is that Breeze thinks when she is on my right side on the dog walk, she does a four on the floor contact. When she is on the left side she does a 2020. YEP, only my dog could be doing that. Well, I figure no big deal, but then I was talking to Daneen Fox who runs papillons and is on the world team, and she said well, that is ok if you make sure that is how it is every time, but how do I handle making sure her expected behavior is black and white, what if she gives me the four on the floor after I have been saying that yes the 2020 on that side is what I want, anyway, she gave me a lot to think about... and she warned me about the problems of doing retrains on the contacts, yea, I know about that ;-). So I am still not sure what to do about it. I am going to have to do a lot of thinking about what I want to do so I can be clear with Breeze and know what to reward and what not to reward, I guess we are going down a grey zone if I accept that, it might be really hard for me to remember what I expect on what side, ughghghghg, why do contacts have to be so hard??? I noticed this weirdness a few weeks ago, it started at trials, and I trained the four on the floor a couple of times a day for the last two weeks and thought we had it all squared away but when I walked today I thought, hummm, this is the left side and the 2020 side, wonder what is going to happen? Well, she did the 2020. Ahhhhhh, ADD IT TO THE LIST.


The JWW run, same song different verse. Breeze did fantastic, released slightly before I released her but I did release her while I was walking to my place...I sort of got stuck in the pin wheel walking too much so we both sort of stalled right before a jump and got a refusal, Breeze did a marvelous job with the weaves, we got through the next part and second to last jump I think my feet told her to go to the weaves, and I should have did a cross on the take off side and not the landing side of the jump, but, always easier to see that afterwards... but the run was happy and fast, and she did fantastic at the weaves and caught the entry without me having to have her check her speed, so I am WAY happy with that.

SO NO Q's but a happy dog who I think ran really well, I am pleased. I would not have minded giving better info to my dog and Qing, but we got the really hard parts of the courses we worried about so it could have been a whole lot worse.




My Buddy Denise came to watch today, she filmed my runs and she brought me this great ribbon board that is to hang my ribbons on. No ribbons to add today, but hopefully soon ;-), so I put Breeze's title ribbons on it and can hang it in the hall by the dogs agility pictures. THANKS Denise!


Diana said...

Love the ribbion board. Great idea! Wow, those courses were hard. Now Im scared to go to my trial next weekend. I dont know if I can do it. You handled it beautifully. Great job! Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I agree those courses were hard!!! Much more difficult than the exc. level courses we had yesterday. The beginning of your std course would've been so non-motivating for me with all the twisty-ness. You guys did great - Breeze did look very happy and fast out there! Her weaves in the JWW were awesome! And you looked confident out there and were moving well (except for your feet I guess, LOL!). Good job!

Very weird about the 4 on the floor on one side and the 2o2o on the other! Dogs are too smart sometimes and don't make anything simple for their handlers - LOL!

Sara said...

Breeze is such a happy dog running and she jumps beautifully. I love watching her run.

Great job! Glad the heat wasn't too bad.

Marie said...

Those were some challenging courses!

That ribbon board is really pretty. I bet it's full of new ribbons really soon!

AC said...

Always amazed at her focus! Go Breeze. I'm glad you had an overcast morning. I really don't know how you agility folk put up with the summer heat to trial...put it's worth it with a tired, happy dog!

Nat said...

Breeze did great and so did you! She has nice carry, sends so smoothly, she looks wonderful to handle!

Love the ribbon board, too!

Kathy said...

THANKS, you know I am so lucky and sometimes I almost forget that, Breeze is really a great dog, she really is so responsive and pays so much attentiont to everything I do, she is very honest, but at the same time she is not velcroey, so I have the best of both worlds, now if I can get my act all together....LOL

kiwichick said...

Nice weave entry in JWW! Q's are not everything. Some really good stuff by the looks of it. How is the WW going?

Sam said...

I don't know, those courses look more like Excellent courses to me, too! Some really tricky stuff in both of them. I actually initially read this post before I went to my trial this morning and then said, "No, better look at these course maps later or you're going to get yourself all worked up for your Open runs later" LOL.

Very interesting about the DW contact dilemma. I wonder how that came about? I also love the ribbon board and I think I just solved the problem of how to display all of the ones I've gotten so far!

Morganne said...

Great runs! And I agree with everyone else - those were challenging courses with some very tough lines.

I think with the JWW where she continued on her line to the weaves, you might have been late with your RC. But hard to tell in the video. It just looked like she didn't see your lateral motion soon enough and had committed to the weaves.

She looks like a really fun dog to run. You guys are going to be a great team. When is your next trial?

Kathy said...

Well, thanks Morganne-it was neat because I made some sloppy mistakes but I was just so pleased because we did get the hard stuff, so those runs were great confidence builders....and yep my rear cross was soooo late and I did not use lateral motion, so when I got home and looked at the tapes I just totally thought, if I was breeze I would have went to the weaves, and it made me feel good she was looking for them and would have caught them, she did what I told her, and you know I had never even thought of the weaves causing an off course, but if I had wanted the weaves that is how I would have cued it is good there was video because it was not as clear to me when I was out there running it, but sooo clear in the video.
And Kiwi-WW is going really well, it is funny because it has been really pretty easy, and I have been so good with my points, and journaling and all, but gosh the weight is coming off slowly, but I keep telling myself it is a lifestyle change and so how ever long it takes I do feel better so far so good! How are you doing?