Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting ready for tomorrow......

Oh my gosh this week has seemed to go so quickly, and has felt so busy. We were trialing on the weekend, we had two agility classes on Tuesday and two on Wednesday, Thursday has been a day of catching up on laundry and packing for the trial tomorrow. Friday and Saturday we have another trial.

I am SOOOOO stressing on the heat, today it was 108 degrees, then we had a thunderstorm in the afternoon. Yikes, I just do not know if we can sit outside and run in the heat of the day for two runs both days if it is that hot. The forecasts call for a hotter day tomorrow and the area of the trial might be a few degrees cooler then it is at my house, but...we will see if we make it for all the runs, LOL.

I have some of the ice pods from clean run to stick under our crate pad, I have two cordless fans, a zen tec crate pad,one dog coat that can be wet down with water and one that is made of the aluminum meshy stuff, and I got some of the Power Boost that is to replace electrolytes after runs, so Breeze should be ok, but I know I am going to watch her like a hawk with that heat.

In class this week Breeze is back to missing all the weave entries, ahhhhh, she had been doing so good ;-(. I think she is just getting more and more excited every run we do and she just has not learned how to run full out and then brake for the weaves. ON top of her having trouble braking I have pulled her out to restart the weaves so many times when she does not make the right entry about the third or fourth pole a lot of times she stops and checks in to see if she got it right, so that is something we are going to have to change about her weave training, on top of that she is really freaked when I do rear crosses into the weaves, so....I have tried to verbally check her stride a little as she approaches the weaves, but that puts her into total handler focus and so she misses the weaves because she is staring at me or she pulls into me and starts to try to circle me then remembers the weaves and that makes a really big mess at the weave entrance, Deanna and I both deceided I should not try to do that this weekend, LOL. So we are going with the pray method of weave entries for the weekend.

Lizzie completed her class and was sooo awesome. She is getting to where she is working in such a high state of excitement and just sooo fast and wild, but the exciting thing is that she is able to think and is handling that well. If Liz is ever to trial, she will be in a really high level of excitement, that is easy to tell so she has to be able to handle that type of excitement in training to have a hope she could do it in competition. She did fantastic with an exercise we did in class with some very hard object discriminations....lots of them and was even able to do some fantastic weaves.

Cricket has been really doing a lot of training, I need to get some video together. We are doing tons of foundation work, starting some little sequencing with bars on the ground of the jumps and lots of driving to tunnels and the table, and of course a lot of foundation for teeter work. She is just so much fun to work with!!!

I did some time off this week to go to the movies and saw Despicable Me, that was sooo funny. It is an animated movie, but great for adults in my opinion, I laughed through the whole thing.


Marie said...

I hope the trial goes really well for you this weekend! Sounds like you've had a crazy busy week.

Diana said...

I saw "Despicable Me" too. It was very cute.

Im going tonight to a trial and the heat and humidity has been horrible. What was I thinking. I figure if its to bad we go back to the condo and forget about it. Will see.

Try not to stress about the weaves. Easy for me to say huh? LOL Ive done the complete opposite, I havent done any weave poles in a week. Really havent done much training except crate games and contacts. Should be interesting.

Good luck, I hope the heat isnt to bad. Remember , you can always go home. No one wants agility to be miserable. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Good luck this weekend!! The heat sounds terrible - mom says putting the cold wet towel around her neck really helped a lot at our last hot trial. But I agree with Diana - go home if it's too much because agility shouldn't be miserable!

Sara said...

I'll be thinking about you tomorrow, when I'm sitting in the shade, reading my book, LOL. I hope you survive that heat!

Good luck and have fun! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Jules said...

Good luck this weekend. It sounds liek you are well prepared for the heat. I can't imagine running in 108 degree weather!

Kathy said...

We are definitely ready to bail from some of the runs or all of the runs if it is too hot ...hopefully they will be at least a little wrong with the weather forecasted.
Good luck tonight with your trial Diana and are too funny! I will be thinking of you. LOL.

AC said...

All I can say is that you're a house of supergirls for being able to run agility in ANY kind of heat! I wish I could blow some cool weather your way. Unfortunately, there's nothing cool left over here!

Love the picture of the running pups.

Danielle's Dog Training Blog said...

It sounds like you are doing a great job at preparing for the heat. I hope you and your dogs have a great time. It sounds like so much fun. One economical trick that I've tried for the heat is filling up four 2 liter bottles with water and freezing them. Then I place them in the 4 corners of the crate and blow a fan inside the crate. It creates a nice air conditioning effect.

Sagira said...

108? OUCH, that is really really hot. Try not to stress and stay cool.