Sunday, August 1, 2010

Getting ready to work on those foundations and SWIMMING for the pups

I hope this is all going to be taken in the spirit that I mean it, and I don't get kicked off the Susan Garrett Recallers course, LOL. I did sign up for the ultra expensive course and it all kicked off about a week and a half ago with pregames and today was the real start of the program. We all got a very stern note saying that we could not blog about the course or we would be kicked to the curb. I think we can post about our impressions but no videos, no blogging, etc. Ughghg, I find that frustrating because I understand they don't want a blow by blow of the course, but the course takes a commitment of a good amount of time when you have THREE dogs you are doing it with, and it is going to be hard not to talk about how things are going or the funny things one of them is doing with an exercise, or frustrations, or when we have huge break through, and we already know all the things you blog about when you are doing something that takes a lot of your time. I usually talk about seminars and what I learned or what I thought of it because I come home excited and already there are things I would love to talk about but......

Sooo if that is a big part of what I am doing with my dogs, and how I am spending a big chunk of time....what will I be able to find to talk about on my blog???? Guess time will tell about that!

I get that it costs about what it would cost to go to a seminar but I just did not really expect to pay that much for an ecourse. I love doing foundation work and I know all my dogs have some holes in their foundation exercises because that is how I teach things, I get really excited and do a fantastic job and get to a certain point and find something else I am excited about so....I never totally finish most things I teach the dogs. I know Susan Garrett is fantastic about teaching foundation exercises, and I knew it would most likely be things I could find else where but what an opportunity to work along with a course and have to keep on track. I do well with structure. Well, of course I fought signing up, balked at the price, but on the last day I ponied up and was going to sign up for the course. Turns out the course was closed, but when I posted a mad comment about them closing the course before they had advertised Susan responded and said I could call and sign up. Imagine how embarrassing it was when Susan Garrett herself answered the phone after just responding to my snarky email....yep that was a little embarrassing, YES I was the Kathy just posting snarky comments, and saying I would not buy any more of her materials (it really was a snarky comment, I was in a mood though..), but yes I would like to sign up for the course, thankfully she didn't say anything or sound like she put it together who I was... she took my credit card info and I was signed up. The funny thing was the next day they opened up registrations for more people when they found they did have enough I could have just waited and saved myself some embarrassment, but that is not the way I like to do things.

ANYWAY, do think I can say just playing the pre games (and I must say I have been very good doing my homework after committing to the cost of the course....) but Cricket is no longer trying to door dash out the front door, Breeze start line is sooooo beautiful with a rock solid stay and then a blast off the start line when she is released, Crickets start line stay is really LOOKING GOOD, and when there was some people and dogs walking along the street in front of the house today which usually causes a HORRIBLE rukus, none of the border collies got upset or were going nuts, they were QUIET. I did not say a word they were just calm. AND HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS PEOPLE, BUT, I worked on the exercises today and had TWO border collies LAYING DOWN QUIETLY in a stay while the other one worked. All three were able to do that. My dogs highest value thing in the world is getting to work and train and they really go nuts when it is anyone elses turn and they all layed down and relaxed today so I did not have to get everyone and put two dogs away and then listen to them whine while I worked the other one. Yes, just tweaking a few little things in a week and a half has brought about some cool changes. I had the materials before the course to bring about those changes....but doing the course I was forced to actually finish the work.

Sooooo after Breezes injury the vet said swimming would be good for her but if her back end tends to sink to put a life jacket on her. Well, she has been swimming for a good twenty min at a session without stopping or resting...she is swimming obsessed. Now when she swims without the life vest she keeps her back end up really nicely, so think she is getting stronger. Cricket is a butt in the pool, she goes after everyones toys, who ever has a toy that is the one she wants. Lizzie who on land is the biggest softie about toys and lets anyone take any toy rather then make a stink about it, guards the toys in the pool. She swims around with a little low grown and guards the water wubba. They are different dogs in the water. So yea, I know not everyone wants to watch my dogs swimming in circles, but I had to video it anyway. Cricket and Lizzie even have great potential as dock dogs, I think I am going to take them to try it because they both will jump into the pool, which surprised the heck out of me. I had no clue the dogs could get into the pool by themselves.

SO FUNNY THING IS THAT WHEN PRICK EARRED DOGS GO SWIMMING THEIR EARS DROOP. LOL, makes sense I guess but a new fact for me, Lizzie and Cricket look so funny to me when their ears just start falling, LOL. At first I was worried I had broken Crickets ears and they might stay that way, LOL.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

It's awesome that you are doing Susan Garrett's ecourse! I wish you could blog about it but wow, it sounds like the pre-games have already made a huge difference in your dogs' lives! That is way too cool!

I wouldn't feel too bad about the snarky comment - I like Susan and read her blog and am jealous of people taking her ecourse, but my snarky comment is that she is so into herself and her reign as queen of agility and dog training that she would've never worried that much about your snarky comment or trying to connect you on the phone to the comment!

The swimming border collies look great - wish I could swim like that!

Sara said...

OK, I'm confused. How can an ecourse run out of room? There is no room. It is in cyberland! I think they do stuff like that to make people think they are doing you a favor by letting you in the class.

Anyway, I'm glad to hear that Breeze is feeling better. And I'm amazed to hear that your dogs are laying down while another dog works! Awesome!

Jules said...

Oh....I wish you could blog abou tthe ecourse. That is awesome you are already seeing an impact. I can't wait until it is over and you can blog more openly about it!

Diana said...

LOL, that email thing sounds like something I would do.
Im glad you are having success with the course. Sounds great.

The dogs swimming is sooooo cute. They are swimming together each with a toy in their mouth. So funny. Diana

Marie said...

Hehe, too funny Kathy! Love that you got a little snarky with them for closing early. That cracked me up. I had looked at the seminar and watched the preview video, but just couldn't afford it right now. Bummer that you can't blog about it more though.

I'm really glad to hear that you're already getting results only a week into the course. That's great! Have fun with the rest of it. :-)

Danielle's Dog Training Blog said...

Sounds like your dogs are doing great! I wanted to sign up for the course, but was quite surprised by the price. But it sounds like it's really helping. Maybe next time, I can give the course a try.

Nat said...

That's funny, we have the same life jacket (Cricket's). I've noticed before that we have the same leash too, Cricket's pink leash with the paw print pattern! We must be shopping at the same stores, lol.

Wish I could hear about the ecourse too, but I'm glad that you're having big breakthroughs!

Morganne said...

Too funny! Well you wouldn't be the only one who makes snarky comments on Susan's blog (believe me!).

I was going to sign up for the e-course until I saw the price. Nope, I'll save my $ and take a hands-on seminar. But really glad you are getting so much out of it!

Summit's ears sag too when he is swimming. I think the water weighes them down ;-)

Sagira said...

Wow, very cool that you are doing the ecourse. My dad has been talking about doing a seminar here but I can't remember who it is with now.

LOVE the swimming video.

kiwichick said...

I wish I had a pool like that. The dogs obviously really love it.

Dawn said...

Very cool! How come two dogs get flotation jackets and one has to float him (her?) self? LOL

Glad you are getting good stuff out of the class!

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