Thursday, August 11, 2011

Can you spot someone new????

Kinetic, Breeze, Cricket, Lizzie
Kinetic and Breeze playing with the egg ball, while Liz and Cricket wrestle behind them

Little Kinetic, or Kenny as we call her

A Mosh Pitt, you might want to wear protection to be in the middle of that game

Cricket and Kinney, Kinetic has MADE Cricket learn how to play bitey-face-she never knew how to play that before, she prefers a good game of chase

Do ya all notice something/someone different? Yep there is a fourth BC running around. Not a permanent addition --she is a dog named Kinetic/ a red/white five month old BC who will eventually be moving to Japan-right now she is hanging at my house for a few weeks. She is a cutie! And she adds a LOT of energy to the house.

Well, it seems like FOREVER since I have posted.....lately it is just hard to blog some days, it seems like I am really busy but not with anything interesting ;-).

Cricket was a nut at class, and who knows why but she tried to run in a tunnel, turned around and ran out the entrance. When she got out of the tunnel the first time she found the toy I had thrown at the exit of the tunnel and I think she thought she was getting a huge reward. That was all she needed to KNOW the way you do tunnels is run in, turn around and run out the entrance. We had to finally have one person hold Cricket on one side of the tunnel while I called from the exit to help her remember how tunnels worked! LOL, what a nut! She loves tunnels and it was the exact same tunnel and set up as the week before, so it was really weird. To make class even more challenging my ankle is still killing me from when Cricket tripped me last week-I might have to break down and go get it checked out ;-(.

For the first time I feel like I am so far behind with Cricket. BEHIND???? Who is making up this time line? LOL, but I have to say I feel discouraged. I keep telling myself that when ever things seem to be falling apart is usually about the time they all magically come together, and when I look back I do think we have made a ton of progress lately, but it is still pretty WILD and Crazy when we do agility ;-). I am feeling pressure to get going-and feeling panicky thinking I just don't know how we are going to get it together-but what is the worst that could happen, we don't get it together and we keep having fun playing around, guess even in the worst case scenario it isn't that bad....Right???.

I think we are getting a new level of excitement and a new level of speed and Cricket has a lot more confidence, all good things but it might take us awhile to sort of learn how to use those new SKILZ.


Sara said...

Kinetic is really cute. I would love to see all four of them playing in the pond where we train. They would have so much fun (and I'd have fun watching them!).

Hope your ankle is ok.

I love Cricket's enthusiasm! Nutty dogs are my favorite.

Diana said...

Wow, things are hopping at your house. No wonder you are to busy to blog. LOL

I hope your ankle gets better soon.

Cricket is doing great. She just is trying to keep you on your toes.You're a great trainer so try not to worry.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Kinetic is adorable and just what you need - another dog! LOL!!! You must be a saint! I hope your ankle is ok and will heal without too much trouble.

The story of Cricket forgetting how to do a tunnel is very funny - seriously how did she even temporarily think her new way was THE way! LOL! I also think you are a fantastic trainer and you shouldn't worry.

Jules said...

I am sorry things feel like they are falling apart a bit with Cricket, but I have no doubt it will just help you build an even better partnership.

And hopefully your ankle will heal asap!

How cool is Kinetic?! Enjoy!! I love bitey face!! :)

Morganne said...

I felt exactly the same way with Summit. It does take more time with the fast dogs. Don't worry, you'll get your timing down, Cricket's skills will continue to improve and you both will develop into a great team.

Those fast responsive high drive dogs are what make us good handlers!!!

Sagira said...

I knew I have been away but was like OMG did I miss her getting a new puppy? How cute! Moving to I thought Bokeh had a long trip coming here from Wyoming. LOL

Anonymous said...

Well, if you're behind with Cricket, then maybe Dare and I are hopeless. LOL I think you and Cricket are doing fantastic.

vici whisner said...

Hey, don't sweat the small stuff, and it is all small stuff. I felt the same way with fin. Actually still do most days. You will get there! vici

Elli the cat said...

I hope your ankle gets better quick!

Cricket is most creative---of course she'll come up with her own way of doing tunnels---why should she just do them the same old way all the time? I'm sure you're a very good trainer---but us critters do have our own timelines... just relax, and get a good nap.

Epicurus said...

So cute!!!