Friday, June 1, 2012


Well, thought perhaps I would just go through some of the advice and comments I was given at Spring Camp.......I will do a post on the type of rear crosses-just still getting caught up at home after camp=I got a new freezer and went the day after camp and got 400 lbs of meat to fill it, LOL, I never do anything half way, so I have been dealing with all of that ;-) and trying to get my legs to work again.
Our seminar presenters were Karen Hollick, Daisy Peel and Jenn Crank. These are not direct quotes but what was generally said, of course my interpretation.

Karen at the start of the seminar.
Wow, I really like this dog, you have an awesome dog...
Just a helpful hint when you get a SFL (straight freakin line for those uninitiated) try to start out more laterally from your dog so you can run slightly toward their line so when they perceive you are slowing down because they are getting further and further ahead they feel you pushing on their line so they are less likely to turn around looking for you.
you might want to work on sends.
You might want to work on sends

Next session with Jen:
for forward sends I need to turn into my dog sooner
turn into my dog sooner for a forward front cross
Jen laughing-Yep your dog was right to yell at you, you were way late, with this dog you can stand still in the middle of a forward cross and she will still drive toward you just as fast....
work on more independence on the leadout.

Karen again:
You need to work on sends (it was changing from her light you might need to work on sends to -you NEED to work on sends)
BEAUTIFULLY trained Aframe (after we did a gorgeous rear cross of the aframe followed by a backside jump)
This next comment was delivered in a hopeful tone....
You don't have a running dog walk too do you? (a definite look of relief when I said NO, we stop on that)
Get to love rear crosses, Karen says she mostly uses rear crosses and they will be my friend ;-)
YOU NEED TO WORK ON SENDS this was probably repeated at least ten times.....

I can tell you have been working on distance work too much, you dog is doing too many sends.

A lot of PLEASE WORK ON SENDS comments
then saying that for MY handling system I may need to add as many directionals as I can.....GO, GO ON, LEFT, RIGHT, CIK, so we can have tools until I get way better at figuring out how to get there.
Karen said don't feel bad this dog is crazy fast and a sixteen year old Olympic sprinter would have trouble keeping up....LOL, that may or may not be true but Cricket is fast and that comment made me feel better ;=)

we were doing a zig zag exercise and Cricket would go around odd jumps.
Jen said this seemed like a dog that is very stimulated by movement and has a very high desire to CHASE. So when Alicia who was running her in that exercise got way ahead Cricket would work to go around a jump so that she could try to catch her. Explains some of the problems we have with some lead outs
LUCKILY I do not get ahead of Cricket very often, much less way ahead, but she does loose her mind if she thinks she is way behind.

So do you think we need to work on sends? I think that gives you an idea of our weaknesses we were seeing over the weekend, LOL.


Diana said...

I think you need to work on sends, what do you think?

Sara said...

LOL! And I agree with Karen - she is an awesome dog, and I really like her :)

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Ha! That is so great! I would love to meet Cricket some day :)

Diana said...

Well my comment was meant to be funny but reading it the next day, its doesnt sound funny. Hmmmmm. Sorry about that.

Kathy said...

Diana I laughed when I read your comment, i knew exactly how you meant it :-) so I thought it was funny!

Loretta Mueller said...

LMAO!!! Sorry...this had me laughing :)

Chris and Ricky said...

Yes, Diana, I laughed at your comment too! I love the way you presented these comments from the seminar! Very entertaining but also you got some great advice and praise on your amazing AF!!

Kelly Ely said...

I grinned and chuckled so much with this post. I read that you got so much from Karen but not so much from Daisy (big grin! j/k)How great to hear how fast your dog is and you really seemed to come home with so much more understanding about what makes Cricket do some of the things she does! How priceless! So happy for you!

Elli the cat said...

Dogs and kitties sure are faster than people---I'm glad Cricket is trying to correct your behavior--- such a funny critter...