Saturday, November 30, 2013

Silly Pet Tricks!

TRICKS, TRICKS, TRICKS, most of our foundation work was simply tricks, they were all about body awareness and learning to work together. One thing I loved about the foundation work Cricket and I did as she was growing up, was all the body awareness work we did.  I can say now that it really paid off.  We have done a bit of herding, a bit of obedience, a bit of rally, some agility, some nose work, and there is nothing we have done that I did not feel we had a bit of a heads up because of the foundation we had thanks to online lessons mostly from Sylvia Trkman but also Susan Ainsly, Susan Garrett, Denise Fenzi and a tiny bit of the Michael Ellis DVDs. The best thing about our foundation was that we could work at our own pace and in really short sessions-homeschooling the Crickster turned out great for us.

In the desert we don't do stairs.  When I wanted to teach Cricket to back up the stairs I had to wait until this real estate office was closed so I could go use their stairs.  They have stairs all around the building and they are all a little different sizes and slopes.  I was driving by the office and since it was black Friday the office was closed, and there was a break in the rain, so I stopped to see if Cricket remembered how to back up the stairs.  SHE DID!

Have I said before how much I love this dog?


Sara said...

Love Cricket! She is such an awesome little worker. It's so fun for me to see you too back in action.

You look great Kathy!

Sagira said...

I love watching Cricket. Such a smart girl and you guys are a great team. :)

Chris and Ricky said...

I loved watching you do foundation work with Cricket as she grew up! There is no substitute for training like that. It is cool to see Cricket remembers her backwards stairs! :)

Diana said...

Look at your skinny legs!! WTG!

Natasha said...

You've done such an amazing job with Cricket!! It's always so wonderful to watch the two of you play together :)

You commented on my blog almost a month ago asking how Mika is doing regarding her lameness -- sorry I didn't see it until now! She's doing much better thanks, and is no longer lame! :D