Friday, April 23, 2010

Ughghgh, not again....

Breeze had to have her next herding lesson cancelled next week, our last agility classes of this session are next week-the ones where we put everything we have learned this session together and run a full course, always the best classes of the series, she will miss my bonus class I was supposed to get for getting to class early every week and setting up the courses and helping tear down. I am depressed watching Breeze not wanting to move off the couch and protecting her foot, I am depressed I am setting up the xpen around my bed so she is not jumping on and off and hurting her foot. I hate the xpen around the bed-makes me feel like I am sleeping in a crib, and mostly because it reminds me someone is hurt once again. I have to admit I am feeling a bit bummed.

I should be out working with Liz, or maybe doing some more shaping with the cutie pie puppy...but I am just feeling bad because Breeze is injured once again. I feel so bad for her and it feels so unfair that every time we get going something else happens. It feels so unfair that she is so good and loves things so much, she hides injuries because all she wants to do is do agility or herding or play no matter how much it hurts physically, it is all worth the price for her to be able to play.

I noticed something was wrong going to the start line at class on Wednesday. Breeze was doing a lot of prancing, and I noticed the right foot seemed to prance a little higher and a little slower then the other foot, and I could not get her to settle down and walk, but I was not sure. I remember a soundness test that Nat described on her blog-Dream Dogz: thanks for posting that Nat. Anyway, so I pick up Breezes bad foot and she stands just fine and I pick up the good foot and she collapses against me rather then put weight on the questionable foot....I did it twice with the same results, YEP, guess she is hurting, class done for us. As soon as I saw that I knew we were done for the day. Later that night the foot was all swollen and it really hurts her a lot.

I think this is a reinjury of when Breeze hurt her foot chasing the ball a few weeks ago, the vet is fairly sure the toe is not broken, but there is a lot of swelling, she got acupuncture and a laser treatment yesterday, lots of ice packs and we will see. If she is not starting to look better by next week then we will x-ray to make sure the toe did not break.

Of course no matter how depressed I feel the little Crickster can make me laugh. First off we were working on putting her toys away and she is such a crack up, when she gets even a little frustrated trying to figure out what to do she talks, and wooo woos, and is the most vocal little girl. I am going to have to try to get that on video. I was on the phone and did get this little clip of how Cricket can get the baby gate open. It is funny because Liz knows how to lift the gate to get it open, but she has no clue how to undo bungees. Cricket is an expert at getting the bungees off the gate but really does not know how to open the gate. If those two ever pool their talents I am going to be in big trouble. Funny thing is they leave all the other baby gates in the house alone, it is just this one that they have decided are optional barriers. Not the greatest video but it gives you the idea how determined Cricket is. First there are two bungees, which are gone very quickly, then Abby ties the one on and Cricket tries to handle that too, LOL.


Sam said...

Aw no, not again. I am so sorry.. she was just getting back in to the swing of things. Damn it! It's always so annoying how they injure themselves doing doggy things, too... you'd think agility would be the thing to really get them, but it's always running around or chasing a ball.. argh!

That soundness test came in handy for me, too. I knew about it (kinda just did it) before it was posted on Dream Dogz, but that's what told me that Marge's back leg wasn't right.

Sara said...

Oh Kathy, I'm so sorry to hear. I hope this isn't an injury that requires a long recovery period.

I'm going to have to check out the soundness test. I have a feeling I'm going to be needing it.

Sending Breeze healing thoughts and you calming ones.

Chris and Ricky said...

Oh so sorry to hear about Breeze! Poor girl - why, why, why? I hope that this is a minor injury this time and that it heals quickly and she can get right back to her agility and herding!

Cricket is too smart and clever for her own good - LOL!

AC said...

No! So sorry for Breeze and for you as well. Feet injuries can be so tricky, even with us humans. And we have the advantage of healing on crutches...I really hope see starts to improve soon.

Diana said...

Poor Breeze. Toe injuries can take a while to heal. I feel bad for you. You could try putting your mattress on the floor. Thats what I did when Miley was hurt.

I dont know what you are going to do about your escape artists. LOL Diana

Morganne said...

Poor Breeze! Hopefully she heals quickly and can get back to doing the activities she loves so much.

Loved the video of the little escape artist! That is one smart Border Collie!

Natasha said...

Augh! I'm really sorry to hear that. Isn't it terrible that these things always seem to happen when everything is going so well. I hope this injury goes away permanently and Breeze (and you!) will be able to have fun again soon. I'll be watching for updates!

Glad the soundness test was useful!

Jules said...

Oh, Kathy! I am so sorry Breeze is hurt. That is so frustrating for both of you.

Cricket is a little rockstar!