Friday, December 11, 2009


This is the harness I have for Lizzie and Breeze, although Breeze has now outgrown hers at 3 yrs old-what is up with that??? I like that it gives a nice range of movement, they are easy to put on and super, super soft. Clean Run sells these and right now they are the same price as Oregon Pet Supply, and Clean Run has free shipping, Oregon Pet Supply has a $5 flat rate for shipping. The one thing I like about Oregon Pet Supply is that they have more COLORS. I am thinking of doing the hot pink or the wine to replace Breeze's harness...although the kids both want her to get a blue.
Walkeez Fleece Lined Dog Harness

Give your pets the comfort they deserve!
The Walkeez Fleece Lined Dog Harness is designed in England and hand crafted in Canada. Every part of the harness is covered in top quality fleece, even the girth strap. The fleece padding makes the harness straps wide and comfortable for your pet to wear, distributing your pet’s weight over a wide area and thus preventing rubbing.

The Walkeez Harness comes in 8 sizes. It is fully adjustable and machine washable on a low temperature (do not tumble dry). The fleece on the girth strap is black to match the webbing, the rest of the fleece on the harness comes in 10 different trendy colors!


I was VERY happy with my other harnesses, but then I got this one and I really like it a LOT. I got Cricket a harness because I do not want to ever have her pulling on the leash with a regular collar, so when I am walking her and do not want to mess with working to keep her from pulling or I do not have time then I will keep the harness on. I have some lofty hopes of a dog that walks nicely on a can all laugh in a year when Cricket is pulling me everywhere. So the Harness I got her just came in and I really, really like it, and it is cheaper. I really like the range of movement and she walks really nice with it....I got this one from Clean Run It is the Sports Flex harness. It is nicely padded, not the soft fleecy material but it is a nice padding and the front band reflects light at night. It is VERY easy to put on and off.


Diana said...

I really like those Walkeez harnesses but my dogs have never done well in a harness. But maybe Im not persistent enough. But I see lots of people with them. Diana

Sara said...

That does look like a great harness. I always walk my dogs with harnesses.

Cricket looks SO much like Oreo in that photo...I thought it was a puppy photo of Oreo at first glance!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Thanks for the harness info! Mom tried to get me one of the snuggle pet harnesses that Agility Vision was selling (looks like the same as the Walkeez) but they ran out of my size - she ordered a size smaller but it was too small due to all of my fur. She is worried about what size to get me - I measure around 18" but how do you account for so much fur? Do you have the same harnesses for your shelties?

Morganne said...

Let us know how that "walking on a loose leash" thing goes. I have yet to be successful teaching good leash manners on any of my three Border Collies - I did try though. Maybe the harness is the answer.