Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Saturday playing with leaves, what could be more fun if you are a puppy?

I was on the look out for kids to socialize Cricket with. I took her to hubby's tennis lessons because he has younger kids taking lessons before this class on the video. Cricket LOVES leaves, so she was very happy to see the courts had a lot of leaves blowing around. It was just so much fun to watch her running around and just being so happy in the moment, puppies have a lot to teach about enjoying the moment-it was just fun to sit and watch her ;-).....

I got Skyler's thyroid results back, his first test had shown a very low thyroid level, so we started medication about 6 weeks ago. It was time to see how his levels were doing...and lo and behold his levels were really, really time to cut back on his thyroid dose.

Poor Skyler still looks like crap, his hair is still thin and he has this leathery skin that is peeling in chunks-it is weird, and his hair is all dry, some of his hair even turned brown but he lost 5 pounds in six weeks on the thyroid and the fat pads over his eye that made his face look rounder are gone so his face looks like his old self. He has been following me everywhere and constantly wanting to do clicker training, so guess that might be the high thyroid levels. Poor guy first he felt so yucky with no thyroid he could hardly wake up, and now he is zinging, LOL, so hopefully the new dose will even it all out.

I also had Lizzie's blood sent out to check and everything looks great with her. I have faith in my raw diet I feed, but it has been a happy thing to see that even with an objective measurement of a blood test, looks like everyone is doing terrific. I am getting to be quite the pro at getting the blood drawn, packed and sent off because I have used Dr. Dodds Hemopet/Hemolife lab-


Nat said...

What a blast!

Diana said...

What a cute puppy. Miley still love chasing leaves blowing down the street. Diana

Sara said...

She's hysterical.

I hope the meds help get Skyler back to "normal". What is "normal" with dogs? LOL. It's different for each one!

Do you draw your dogs' blood on your own?

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Cricket is too cute chasing those leaves!

Hope Skyler feels better with the change of meds - it's always difficult to get the right dosage.