Saturday, May 1, 2010

Another Proud Moment for me, and vets appointments for the pups

I had another of my PROUD moments the other day. I was at Target walking through the store with my cart and my two teenage girls. Well, I guess I was not paying attention and walked right into a man in a wheel chair with the cart. OMG, you can not imagine how mortified and embarrassed I was, I really felt like an idiot. When I got done groveling and apologizing to the man and making sure no one was injured...I asked my daughter, WHY didn't you tell me I was about to run into a WHEEL CHAIR? My daughter said well, I figured you knew......OMG, SERIOUSLY, that is disturbing on so many levels. Could my daughter really think I am the type of person that would run down people in wheel chairs with my shopping cart on purpose? LOL, I sure hope not! KIDS!

Apparently Oprah needs to widen the scope of her drive to get people to pledge to not drive distracted-(not to drive CARS while texting or talking on the phone..) to include not being distracted while driving shopping carts.

We had a marathon vets appointment, I had four dogs to take on the hour trek to our holistic vet.

OUR BIGGEST LOSER: with a weight loss of 6 lbs in the last few months to a perfect weight is...........

SKYLER> who just turned EIGHT, and got a clean bill of health, including a gold star for his teeth, eight years old and the vet does not feel there is enough tarter to clean them...raw bones from raw feeding ROCK for keeping teeth nice!

Poor Skyler had to have his rabis shot....that is so ridiculous when he has had how many of the shots and I know he is protected....I fully support the rabis challenge study so we do not have to keep re vaccinating dogs without doing research to see how long the vaccine actually lasts. If anyone wants to contribute or to just check it out you can find more info at

Liz got her rabis shot, and had had a full blood panel and is in PERFECT health, yea Liz! OOPs, except she has gained a few pounds and is now on a diet, sorry Liz! She says she is not the only one who likes their food a little too much in our house....

BREEZE-Breeze was so sick the weekend after her foot was swollen and she was lame, when she had been injured there was a small red spot where it hurt. It was in a strange place and we could not figure out how she could have done that or how it related to the injury. So now we are thinking she got bite or a sting or something...although strange it did not turn more black/blue, or ooze anything, but Breeze is looking much better...I just wish she could let me know what happened.

Soooo...the plan is to wait until the end of this week and then see how Breeze does and let her go back slowly to her activities, FINGERS CROSSED.

Of Course we did not leave the Crickster home! She comes to visit every time we go to the vet. Cricket ran up and down the stairs at the Bass Pro Outlet, worked on not jumping on EVERYONE, we are down to her jumping on only 50% of the people, LOL, and she learned about the elevator, so she was an extremely good girl. She does get over the top when we got to places with polished floors, it is so bizarre as she looks like she is swimming across the floor because she is trying so hard to run, and is so over the top her feet end up sort of swimming along the ground, being too calm is not Crickets problem for sure!


Diana said...

Im glad everyone got a clean bill of health.

The wheelchair, LOL. Kids are funny. My daughter said the same thing when I almost ran into the back of another car. Luckily I stopped. "I thought you saw it". Yea and I just wanted to have an accident today. LoL

Sara said...

I HATE giving my dogs rabies vaccinations every 3 years. When I get them titered for their parvo, their antibioties are thru the roof. I'm sure it is the same with their rabies as well. Rabies is a huge problem in our area, but I still wish lawmakers would see the light.

Fingers crossed that Breeze is feeling better soon!

Should we propose a new law? DCWD...driving cart while distracted? LOL.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Glad to hear your trip to the vet went well and I sure hope Breeze is better soon!

I don't like the shots either but at least rabies is every 3 years now because they used to make us get it every year!

Sam said...

Hitting someone with a wheelchair sounds exactly like something I would do. LOL. Sorry that happened to you!

I'm so glad that all the dogs got a clean bill of health. I didn't know you were a raw feeder. I can't feed raw right now but I'd like to give Marge a raw meaty bone every once in a while to help clean her teeth. Do you have any recommendations? I know weight-bearing bones are too hard.

Jules said...

Aside from the rabies vaccinations - what a great vet visit! I am glad everyone is healthy.