Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jumping through hoops!

IT'S OOOOOOOON! HERE, my two daughters and I had a big competition-really serious stuff ;-).

My daughters have been asking me for another cat. Ahhhhh, surely we don't have enough animals with five dogs and a cat....LOL. My youngest daughter especially wants a cat, one that she can carry around more. My girls are both cat people and to be fair they have done an excellent good job taking care of our current cat- Kimmie. I have never had to feed Kimmie, or do the litter box, I do occasionally have to remind them to scoop the box, and I do occasionally have to bug them to brush her, and I do occasionally brush her because I do not want her to mat, but that is the extent of what I have to do.

As part of her campaign to get a new kitty and show how good she was with her cat my youngest challenged me to a contest. We would see who could clicker train a trick to their animal first. Neither of my kids have ever clicker trained or shaped anything so I said well, that would be great and I gave my daughter the choice of who I had to train. LOL, surprisingly they challenged me to train Cricket. My daughter is SOOOO CUTE, she was seriously thinking about what her criteria was and what she would click for, she asked me to throw the treat for her but she was doing the training and making all the decisions-I just followed her directions-TOO CUTE!! It really was so much fun to see the girls doing some training, that has always been "my" thing so they have never really shown an interest in doing much....but watching them they have picked up quite a bit more then I knew ;-).


IN the interest of fairness I told them they should rethink that because Cricket could learn just about any trick really quickly, I offered to train all the dogs, except Chloe who my older daughter was supposed to train.

My youngest has been a training fool with the cat and taught her to go through a hoop, not an easy task for a first try at shaping--given Kimmie is an older cat. She is doing great at it, and is now also trying to teach her to touch a target stick.


My oldest daughter will not admit she is teaching her dog Chloe, LOL, she trains when she thinks we will not see her, so no way was I going to get her on tape. My oldest daughter is 15 1/2 and definitely not into doing what mom does, LOL.

So soon all the animals in our home will jump through hoops, we can start a circus! WHOO HOOO!

As a side note I have been doing some simple training with the dogs to foster harmony in the pack, and it is going wonderfully, in the video there is a picture of Chloe and Lizzie working together, in the same room, they could not do that a few months ago, I am pretty proud of that-I will post more about that on another day!


Marie said...

Awesome! That just has to make you smile to see your girls working so hard. I think a circus sounds like a great idea.

Priscilla said...

Wonderful videos! I love to see how you and your girls work together and there was already a harmony among you and them. My rosie is 15 1/2 too and you know that she's crazy about dogs but she isn't a cat person, LOL!

Sara said...

Oh, how sweet! I thik it is wonderful that your girls are getting involved. So many of the training techniques we use for animals can be applied in other areas of life as well.

I loved see ALL your dogs working:) WHat a treat.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

How fun that your daughters wanted to get involved in training and good for your youngest to come up with a challenge in order to be able to get another cat! Next I want to see all dogs and Kimmie lined up and each one jumps the hoop and then keeps circling around and back through the hoop! :)

Jules said...

That is so cool!! Reading this post left a big smile on my face.

Diana said...

Uh oh, looks like you will be getting another cat. LOL Hey it looks like a fun time was had by all. What a way to get your family doing things together. WhooHoo!!

Sagira said...

Aww...she did a great job. I couldn't get my cats to do anything. So bravo!

Kim said...

Thanks for the smile this morning :)

Love your kennels that are in the you mind saying what kind they are?