Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life a series of COMINGS, and GOINGS!

Well, I am no fan of change lately, LOL, but life keeps changing no matter what I say. When our neighbors moved in MANY years ago we met Arie. Arie is the neighbors' daughter and a few years older then my girls, but she has almost seemed like my daughter. I truly love Arie and almost every morning started with my dogs going wild and waking us up as Arie came over to see what was going on for the day. On Sundays my husband almost always took all three girls to the movies, or out hiking followed by some shopping. My girls are homeschooled and so they don't have as many friends as some kids but they have some really, really close friends.

So.....the time had come that Arie headed off to the Navy. Wow, that was so hard to see her go. I feel like one of my own has left, it was so hard to watch her walk off for the last time, I am sure she will be a lot different person by the time we see her again. Arie is a bit young for her age, so terribly sweet and just the nicest person anyone could know, not a bad or mean bone in that girls body.

Of course going into the service at this time in history, I am worried about her safety and it sure made me think of all the young men and women that have chosen to enlist and protect our country, and all that they must put aside for the moment to protect our interests in the world. It is so strange because with how long this war has raged .....I do not think about it, or hear much about it now days, and sadly because until now I have not had people close to me in the armed services I have not thought a lot about the people that are making that sacrifice-I have a fleeting though about it but not as much as I should be aware.

I hope anyone who reads this will stop for a second and think of all the brave men and women-maybe include them in their prayers, and remember how many young people are serving, people that hardly seem old enough to drive (guess I am showing my age -) ). The house feels so empty knowing she is not going to be coming over, and I really miss her, I miss what she meant to my daughters, I will definiely pray for her safety and pray this will be a terrific stepping stone and positive experience in her life!

My older daughter Abby, then Arie, and my youngest daughter Emma-this was taken right before Arie had her hair cut short in preparation for leaving for the navy, she donated her locks to Locks for Love. Arie has always loved her hair ;-).

Post hair cut:

The kittens are sooooo cute,... and two kitties together are REALLY cute. It is so sweet to watch, they are a blast to watch them play and they LOVE each other so much, but they are still more then willing to interact with us. Both kitties are staying healthy so far..knock on wood...but they are still in isolation in my bathroom.





PIXEL being held



Sam said...

What a sweet story about Arie. It sounds like you and your family have gotten really close with her - best of luck to her in her travels. It must be so hard for you to see her all grown up and ready to serve our country.

I hope the kitties make it a little easier for you to deal with her departure!

Priscilla said...

It's always hard when some dearest one is leaving. Arie sounds like a very good girl and bless her heart that she has a safe and good future.

The kitties are cute and hope they help ease your heart too!

Sara said...

Arie looks so young to be going into the navy! Of course, my husband was only 17 when he joined the army....still. Arie is brave and honorable.

The kittens are ridiculously cute.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Arie does look too young to be going into the Navy! We wish her luck as she starts her new life!

The kittens are too cute and I am glad to hear they are still healthy!

Diana said...

Arie looks so young to ge going into the Navy. ( I think that means Im getting old). Good luck to her.

The kitties are just soooooo cute!!