Wednesday, March 9, 2011


"I have a very important job, watching those kittens, I will not let my mom down!"

"Hummm, I will not let those kittens out of my sight, ...I don't see them but if I stare at the spot they used to be ...I am sure they will reappear and mom will never know they got out of my sight!" The kittens remind me of the Siamese Twin cats from Lady and the Tramp-they like to tease the poor dog who is just trying to keep up with her guard duties!

Here Pixie has left...and Ashe is getting ready to make a break. Cricket says "Mama I am watching and I will let you know if either of those cats try to make a break for it-don't worry I am watching!" She really never turned and looked at the cats, LOL, she is such a funny girl, but you can sure tell the cats are not afraid of her anymore.

HOW DID YOU GET THERE ASHE? And WHERE is that durn Pixie?

I think that Cricket is in reality a little afraid to actually stare directly at the kitties, she thinks she will lose them if she looks at them with her powerful stare, so she does a lot of sideways stares or looking right by the side of them,-that is the only thing I can figure out she is doing when she looks like she is so intently staring at the cats and I can see they just are not there.


Diana said...

LOL, it does remind you of "Lady and the Tramp". Too funny!!!!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Cricket staring at the place where the cats used to be is just hilarious!!

Sara said...

I love you Cricket!

Priscilla said...

I'm sure Eva would love to join your team, Cricket!

♥ helen said...

cute :)

LauraK said...

Thank you for all of your kind words in the last couple of comments on my blog- you sure are sweet!

Isn't it fun to have sibling kittens? They are so entertaining to watch- especially when they interact with the dogs. That Cricket girl sure takes her job seriously, too funny!

One of our kittens (well, they're almost 2 now, but they're still the babies in the family) became best friends with Riley- it's really cool to see how they pick and choose their buddies. They're always cuddling and playing together. Your household sure sounds a lot like ours- lots of happy animals running around :)

Sagira said...

LOL...good luck trying to keep the sneaky kittens under control.