Saturday, March 5, 2011

Liberation Day for the kitties!

Well, I don't know about anyone else, but when ever I have got little rescue kittens...they usually come with umm....friends. The type of unwelcome friends like bugs and viruses. My vet had advised me to quarantine the kittens for awhile to make sure that we did not spread anything through the house since we do have a lot of animals.

Luckily the kitties Ashe and Pixie did not get the upper respiratory infection that is so common with cats from shelters or rescues. They would sneeze just enough to make me worry, but not enough to do anything about. The kitties did have some roundworms, a few fleas and ear mites, and of course a huge bout of diarrhea trying to get their diet straightened out, but the vet said that after five days...they could be let loose and so Sunday is the day!

I did try to make their confinement as nice as I could, the girls and I have worked over time cutting up boxes to make little puzzles and things they could run through, and we have all spent a lot of time in my bathroom, LOL, and we have got a ton of toys for the kittens, but boy we will all be happy to just let them out.

I was taking the Pam Dennison ecourse on multidog households and I have used some of the ideas from that to work with the dogs and the kittens and Cricket has seen the kittens playing in front of her on the floor and she has left them alone-just watching. I was so proud of her. We have done a lot of work in the past two weeks, but it sure seems to have been worth it. The kitties who were terrified of dogs were at the vets and three different dogs came in right in front of them and they just calmly looked. The only members of the house hold that have not had a chance to make peace and make friends is Kimmie the cat and the two kittens. Kimmie seems to want to see them, but Ashe especially will hiss an make a fuss if she sees Kimmie. So hopefully they will work that all out once they are FREE!

I have to admit I have had a blast watching the kittens and having two sure has made it easier especially since I needed to keep them seprate until we got everything straightened out. They are the sweetest kittens!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

It's great that the kittens are healthy and ready to start their real life outside of the bathroom! Hope all goes well today!

Sagira said...

They sure are cute! Have fun. :)

Sara said...

They are adorable!

Nicki said...

Wathing kittens is so entertaining-especially when you have two!

Diana said...

They are so sweet and cute. Its seems to me the less you pay upfront for the animal, they more you will pay in the rear. (at least at my house) LOL Thanks for the tip on the Teeter DVD. I ordered it today.