Friday, July 1, 2011

Breezie, the DOG with nine lives....

Some exciting things other then fireworks going on here in the Southern CA desert.

FIRST EXCITING thing is weeks ago I took Breeze to the vets. We have been doing the Sylvia Trkman Puppy 2 class. I have worked with all three dogs. Apparently the tricks, stretches, etc..from the class have improved Breezes back. A few months ago the vet said that Breeze would never be able to weave and she just felt like Breeze had improved as much as she was going to.

Breeze is like a cat, and apparently there **MIGHT** be another life or two left in her. Because of all the strength and flexibility required for the tricks in Puppy 2....The vet was totally shocked at how much progress Breeze has made and how her back feels. She could not believe it.

I noticed a lot of the exercises/tricks are ones that were just a step beyond what I have done in Breezes rehab programs....and Sylvia did make a comment that a lot of the exercises she does in puppy 2 is based on her experiences from doggie rehab. ANYWAY, the upshot of the appointment was that Dr. Modglin said that she would not discount that Breeze might improve enough to actually be back to 100%.

I am not sure what the future holds for Breeze and agility but knowing that she is that much better just makes me feel so hopeful that she is going to have a lot more pain free years. She is still only 4 yrs old so her long term health is a huge concern. Sylvia's class paid for itself so many times over because of what it has done for Breeze. I am hoping by doing these tricks/exercises I can keep Cricket in tip top shape so she is less likely to get injuries as time goes, and who knows...the vet now says we will just have to see how far Breeze can go.

I am very excited we are not done with the Sylvia Trkman Long Distance classes yet...we just finished up Puppy 2 but now are starting the Agility Foundations. We got our first lesson and it looks like it is going to be a lot of fun.

I was just dying watching the first weeks lesson where we are supposed to proof the weaves, and Sylvia was demoing where she was actually running the opposite way along the weaves while her dogs were doing the weaves....she was doing some awesome weave proofing, she says the same thing I keep reading from so many others, once your dog commits to the weaves they should just weave until they are done no matter what you do. I do think we have a little ways to go until my dogs skills are there ;-).

It is hotter then HECK! Last night we went to the park to do our weave challenge and it was still 102 at 6:30. It was HOT. I got up this morning to work and got out at 8 am....not sure what the temp was but it was just too hot to work for more then a few minutes.

I have got to say this dog/handler team ROCK!!!
Marie and Dare got their fourth position weave challenge done. They are on a roll! They added in some sequencing with the jump position at the end, and mixed in a set of weaves at the end, FANTASTIC proofing!

I do not know how I missed posting this from Dare and Marie, but I think I did, sorry.....but here is their position 3 video ;-)


Sara said...

Wow! Now I'm even more excited about the class! I guess I should do ALL the tricks with Oreo as well. That's awesome Kathy. So happy to hear that Breeze has improved.

Stay cool!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

awesome that breeze has improved so much with the tricks! that is great news!!!!!!!!

Catalina said...

I have been having the same issue with the heat. And the humidity. It is just too HOT to work!!!

Diana said...

Wow, thats awesome about Breeze!!

I tried working yesterday. We did some agility. Our weave poles were terrible. She wouldnt stay in the poles if I try to leave her there. What the heck???? We been working on that and she has been doing so well at trials. More work to do there.
Its hot here to. Yuk!!

Geraldine said...

Very exciting news about Breeze fingers crossed she will get even better with all of the tricks and exercises. Watched Breezes last video and what a little supergirl she is fantastic, great stuff. We are in the middle of winter so very cold here in Australia, think I would rather be cold than hot though.

Jules said...

That is AWESOME news about Breeze. I might shoot you and e-mail. I would be curious if it would help Bug. The big difference is the long back. I know there are quite a few exercises our PT won't do with a long backed dog.

Once again, I am so happy for Breeze - that's fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you and Breeze. Who would have guessed that a trick class would have such awesome benefits. :-)

I was just telling my husband today how glad I was that I did the trick class with Dare. I had no idea really what to expect from it, but I would say that it's been worth every penny and more.

Steffi said...

That is so very exciting that you've seen so much improvement with your Breeze!!!! This is such great news! One of our dogs is in rehab and it's been really hard on us that she cannot (and may never be able to) do everything that she wants to - but your post gives me hope!! Since I can't do the long distance course with Silvia, I'm thinking about getting her trick video and hopefully it will have some of the tricks you learned in class.

Cynthia said...

That is awesome that Breeze is feeling better!