Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lizzies letter...


This is Lizzie here and there are some things that I believe people need to be made aware of. I am sure many of you have heard of my unfortunate incident after my former "sister" dog (I refuse to still consider her my sister, although I am a very forgiving dog....but....)viciously BIT my eye! Not being one to dwell on the negative-I am a very happy dog and will not let that dog that shall not be named ruin my day-so I just feel I need to make people aware of the current difficulties I am dealing with-it is hard even for a happy girl such as myself to continue to be jolly considering.

I guess the first problem is that I have been shut into my moms room for D A Y S! That is how I was able to get to the computer to write a letter because that is the room the computer and I are stuck in. Mom says it is to protect me and my eye....but I am not so sure. I do have to admit my other sister Cricket does scare me because I have this durn big lifesaver donut on my neck-and Cricket loves to puncture balls-she keeps eyeing the donut on my neck and wanting to jump on me. It is not like I would be upset if this thing sprung a leak but I have heard the loud POP when Cricket bites the balls, so....not sure that is how I want to lose this thing-so....for that reason it does feel a little safer to be stuck in this bedroom. I am upset that I have not been allowed to go swimming, seems like this damn donut would at least be a good life why must I be left out of that activity? I just don't understand.

I think mom is really irritated that I had a fight and is punishing me by putting these HORRIBLE drops in my eye EVERY FOUR HOURS, around the clock. You heard me AROUND THE CLOCK! Everyone knows I need my sleep to retain my basic jolly nature and the last few days I have had to be woken up at midnight, four am and 8am for drops in my eye. Mom says it is to help my eye, but I am pretty sure it is just another fancy punishment.

Luckily I got sprung from this jail to go for something called a "recheck" at the vets office this morning. Anything to leave this room. It is so lucky I went to the vets because there were a lot of people in there that needed some hugs and kisses from me, I was very happy to forget my current troubles and make everyone day by giving lots of hugs and kisses. I do have to say everyone says how friendly I am and I do try to make sure no one ends up without a hug when I am around. Everyone loved my little donut and kept asking where we got it....I was doing my best to tell them they could have mine-I am very generous, but perhaps they did not take me serious because I left the vets office with the donut in place ;-(.

The vet said I am heeling well, and there is still a chance I will need something called "surgery" to take care of some tissue that is rubbing on my eye....but hopefully it is looking like it will not be necessary. I wonder if "surgery" is a toy like a ball or a treat? Hummm, I sort of hope it is a treat ;-), but I am sure it is a good thing, maybe that is another punishment mom is giving me by not letting me have "surgery"?

Many people have been asking what sparked the fight with Chloe. I have to tell you if you guys knew Chloe you would understand. Chloe and I used to be best friends until Chloe started prancing around all the time and showing off her long flowey hair. She teases me about my curly hair and long legs and says my hair is "frizzy". She can be so irritating and she has attacked me enough times that I always feel it is best to attack first now. Chloe and I usually are kept in seperate areas of the house unless supervised.

Now mom is talking about more crate games for both Chloe and I, for "impulse control" and doing fun actities like walks together, and relaxation protocol (which is so boring for me) with both of us together. Mom is determined to make me pay for fighting ;-).

I hope the situation here does not get worse...but for today it is pretty bleak stuck in the room with no agility, or swimming or watching the neighborhood from the front window, the cats have been my only company other then mom, and she is sort of a drag now that she has eye drops, so not sure I will count her as company.

I have been working hard to maintain a good attitude and have even played ball with my donut in place,

and I guess there was a short trip to the park....but I will work to stay happy until conditions improve ;-)

PS Mom asked me to tell you all she says things are looking much better and my eye looks soooo much better ;-)!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Lizzie you are a strong and brave girl with such a good positive attitude! I am so impressed! Take care of yourself and put up with the unpleasant stuff so that you heal quickly and get back to all those things you love to do!

Sagira said...

Glad to hear that your eye is doing better. That sure is one big donut though. GEESH!

Sara said...

Lizzie, so sorry to hear that you are in solitary confinement, being water boarded in your eyes every 4 hours! I thought the US was against torture?

You are being a good girlie, and I hope your life gets back to normal soon.

Elli the cat said...

Poor Lizzie! I'm glad you're holding up well with all the strange things happening. The moms sure have weird ideas---why, when I bite my brother Zander, mom seems to think that's a bad thing and tries to stop us. I sure hope we're not down for that relaxation stuff---of course, nobody can catch us to stuff us in crates. Just run run run real fast if your mom comes near.... Elli the cat

Priscilla said...

I have never seen a coney dougnut before.

You are such a good girl, Lizzie. You have to give lots of credit to your mom for waking up at 4am every morning for your eye drops, you know. It's not just you that has to get up!!!

Well, I guess shelties begin to think "oh! How pretty I am!!" Because they ARE!! Yet I do think it makes them a bit egoistic...must be a sheltie thing, yet again.

I hope you get better soon and not too bored in the meantime and that you don't need to have surgery!!


Jules said...

Oh Lizzie, It sounds awful! Especially being woken up every four hours. I hope you heal ASAP and surgery is not necessary!

Diana said...

I'm so glad your eye is getting better. The cone is a hard thing to wear all the time. I hope you get it off soon.

Cynthia said...

That's a pretty snazzy cone! :) I am glad the eye is healing up!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to hear that your eye is doing better. Bummer that no one took you seriously on your offer to share your inflatable cone. LOL Hope you just keep on recovering speedily.