Monday, February 27, 2012

EVERYONE gets to play today!!!

Since the trial last weekend I have traveled to several different fields to work, I worked outside the yard during a local class doing tricks with Cricket helping her use her brain while other dogs were running-I went in and just did the contacts while the students in the class were walking their course, THANKS DEANNA (the instructor) for being so accommodating. We have once again found our contacts which makes me very happy ;-).

Yesterday for the first time in a LONG time I brought all three border collies The Lizard, Breezie and Cricket to a fun run. It is so much easier to throw just Cricket in the car and take off and so much easier to just worry about her. Breezie seems to be feeling good lately and Lizzie has been full of it because she is pretty submissive around the other girls-they sort of end up crowding her out at times, Lizzie needs more opportunities to feel like she is working.

Three border collie girls, all trained by the same person, living in the same house, but boy are they different to train. Yesterday running all of them one after another, wow, it really hit me how different they are from each other.

First up was the Lizard and when you run Lizzie she is a very stressy dog and you have to have a constant feedback loop. I have to keep giving her feedback about how she is doing and then reading her feedback to me, there has to be an intense connection. When I run Liz I have to have what I want to do all worked out and feel very confident. Any sort of confusion on my part and Lizzie is gone and checks out mentally. After she gets into the groove then she will start operating without needing the constant feedback but ya gotta wait until she makes the move and starts operating on her own with agility and not operating on her own by running off, LOL. Ya gotta be in it 100% to run the little Lizard. She gets so happy and proud when she completes a course-that makes it totally worth it.

Breeze is totally into my movement -for the good and the bad. I forgot she just does not send and no matter how committed she looks to a tunnel or a jump, if I do not keep my commitment and I start to move to the next thing, I can totally pull her off the obstacle. It is cool if I need to keep her away from a trap but I had not run her in awhile and boy I had forgot-our first run I kept pulling her off things, whoops!. It would be a fun experiment to do some Silvia Trkman Cik/Cap work with her to see how much that would increase her obstacle focus. After a couple of months off and with the excitement of the other dogs Breeze was a nut and very naughty with her start line and for the first time in her life she was running up to the judge person jumping on her and asking for pets-so unlike little Breezie!!!

Then there was Cricket,..... boy running the other dogs made me realize how much we are starting to gel with each other. I can send her to obstacles which makes it so much easier and she still listens to my movement although she is getting more excited so she is starting to figure she can run on her own if she sees an obstacle she really likes, LOL. The dogs at the fun run were not dogs that were sending my dogs over the top but any dog doing agility gets Cricket excited so with that level of excitement she did good with her contacts yesterday and kept all her bars up at 20inches.

I think I get a gold star because I had to run Lizzie, then there was one other dog running, then Breeze and Cricket back to back. It was about 85 degrees and a bit hot, ACTUALLY REALLY HOT, and I am a pretty slow person so running three dogs one after another was a real workout for me and I am pretty surprised I did not just drop but it felt good, I felt like I deserved a click/treat for running them all and for keeping my head and keeping in my thinking brain and using all my mental management skills to keep calm and work at giving each dog what they needed. Whooo hoooo yea me! hahahahahaha.


Elli the cat said...

Wow, that must have been something, taking 3 girls to play. Funny, how different they all are. Hope y'all enjoyed the day out. Me, I prefer to nap.

Diana said...

LOL,Im tired just reading this. Its sounds like you really know your dogs. Thats awesome!!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Wow, what fun! I love running such different dogs. Although I think that having such 2 different dogs in completely different height classes makes it actually easier to run them close together compared to people with the same height. The differences are so much bigger that it's easier to remember them!

Priscilla said...

Wow! You did a lot of things in a day!
Running three dogs one after another sounds great and fun but tiring too. All of you did so well and yes, you did deserve some treats as well, may be a tub of ice-cream?!

Steffi said...

It's so interesting to hear how different each dog is. Sounds like a great time!

- Steffi

Chris and Ricky said...

Sounds like an amazing day! How awesome to be able to run all three dogs - I have no idea how you keep up with all three. Running one slow Ricky almost did me in!

Sagira said...

I don't know how you keep it all straight. Jeremy is having fun trying to train Bokeh in agility because he is so used to Sagira now. LOL