Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I almost feel a little gyped that it seems we never got a winter this year. It has been really nice except for a few odd days of cold and it seems wild to think we are comming up on summer again already.

A week and a half ago we had snow, followed by a beautiful weekend in the low 70s, then a couple of days where it was almost 90. Sunday was almost 90 and felt so hot-but 24 hours later it was snowing in the Southern California desert. Talk about wacky weather.

The border collies LOVE the snow, it makes them WILD, but it gets pretty muddy ;-).


I wanted to post a quick review of a dry food -Origen. Some of you may remember Cricket was having trouble handling a different dry food I was using-I posted why that food disappointed me so thought I would post a review of a food that I LOVE. My dogs love eating it-it is the only food my holistic vet carries. http://www.orijen.ca/orijen/about/ The web site says they use free range poltry and free range red meats, so while it may be more expensive then some foods-the quality of the ingredients sure seems to be there.

I used to only be able to get this food when I went to my vets office but have been getting it from Mr. Chewey by mail order now-which sure makes it easier to use it. I use Origen kibble for agility or trick training-that leaves things like steak, fish or meat treats for when I really need something high value and new for really distracting situations. The first time my dogs tasted this food they spit it out, but then after a few tries they are WILD about it. They like it enough that it is the main training treat I use. I am not sure why it took a time or two for them to get used to the taste-maybe because it is not a doggie junk food? I do know the dogs REALLY love the taste now. If you get a sample and try some of the dogs aren't sure about the first taste-- try it again ;-). I like that it is low on the glycemic index and I really like the quality of ingredients. This is where I have ordered my food from:

Here is a review by the Dog Food Advisor http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-reviews/orijen-dog-food-adult/


vici whisner said...

The weather has been a little wacky up here, but no snow. Supposed to rain this week so maybe we'll get some on the hills.

In my fantasy life I live somewhere where we get a little snow so it is fun, but not so much that it is actually any work. I'm not sure that this place actually exists, except for in my own mind.

Steffi said...

Sounds like the weather has been crazy everywhere lately! Love the snow pictures - I never knew that one could get snow in So Cal.

We also feed Orijin and our dogs really love it!

- Steffi

Sara said...

We finally have a "winter storm watch" in effect right now! Haven't had one since October. Poor Chewy hasn't gotten to play in much snow this year.

Orijen is what the holistic vet here recommends as well.

Nicki said...

Your beautiful table is all muddy!

AC said...

The wacky Winter continues! I was wondering if you guys got snow Monday. It was certainly a cold storm that came through.

Diana said...

That is crazy weather. Sounds good to me. I hate being cold.

Priscilla said...

Eva loves Orijen but we stopped giving it to her due to the high protein and she doesn't do any agility. She put on a lot of weight when she was having it so we had to stop giving it to her.

Chris and Ricky said...

Crazy, crazy weather!! But glad the girls got to play in snow!

I thought about Orijen for Ricky for awhile but was worried that the protein was just too high. I don't know if there is any logic to that worry.

Cynthia said...

We haven't had much snow either this year... except the last couple of days. I should get some pics up with the snow.

I'll check out the food. I'm always looking for food options.

Sagira said...

We didn't get much snow this winter either, but I am NOT complaining. I hate the snow and ice. I just hope we get a spring and it doesn't go straight to summer.

Love Orijen we feed that to Sagira. We tried to feed to Bokeh but it was too much for his system so he is on Fromm now.