Sunday, June 29, 2008

Not only are my dogs pretty wonderful in my opinion, so are my girls!

Hi, so not only are the dogs in our house important, LOL, but my girls are pretty cool too. So being homeschooled -I think my kids are very creative, they love to read and they do come up with a lot of ways to entertain themselves. So one of their new passions is sewing. They just started getting small pieces of felt, and used hand needles and have made a ton of very cute dresses for their Bratz dolls. Emma also made the little blue animal-named Kirby in the front of the picture. They have been working hard the last few weeks making doll clothes, I am really suprised at how well they have done and they have done it all themselves.

As feared when I bragged about Lizzie coming and doing so well....we have had some training set backs again. She is in heat right now-I plan to spay her in about two months when her hormones go back to normal after her heat cycle-so maybe it is a little hormone brain thing going on? Anyway, we went to just play doing the one jump LM exercises and she was terrified of getting anywhere near that???? WHAT is that about? I have no idea. I really try to be careful to not put pressure on Liz, but I will have to monitor myself very carefully and make sure I have not done that around the jump with the jump work. She just kept trying to run and hide in her crate so.......guess I will leave that alone in case it is just her being spacey with the hormones, and then figure out a fun game we can play around the jump--But we all know if is my fault for saying we totally have Lizzie on board, LOL.

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Collette said...

Completely adorable!! They did a wonderful job!