Monday, June 16, 2008


Well, we are one week into Breezes rehab. She gets some nice stretches on her knees/hips/spine three times a day, followed by a nice ice pack on her knee. She also does some exercises, turning her head to her shoulders and then hips, sit to stands-SLOWLY, and then some spine stretches on an incline and a slow walk every 2-3 hours. She also balances on a stability disc to do her "core" exercises. In addition she is not allowed to run or jump-YEA, I said it, a 21 month old driven border collie that is now allowed to run or jumpor worse yet play with the other dogs. That has been the hardest part. So Breeze has spent the last week mostly on a leash. She did have a nasty habit of sneaking and jumping on the bed or the couch when I would walk past so we have taken Xpens and surrounded the bed and couch, and Xpened off the kitchen to keep her off the tile because she keeps sort of slipping on that. Of course then there are the supplements and the different foods she is on to help her heal. Bless my family for putting up with the disruption in their life, everyone has pulled together and helped walk Breeze and put up with all the xpens. THE GOOD NEW IS Breeze is looking much better. Her gait is looking more normal, and she doesnt act like she is in the same pain she was a week ago. I also was able to clicker train Breeze in one day to put her four feet on the stability disc, no small feat. You can tell it is quite a challenge for her, it really takes a lot of work to stabilize themselves, and I couldnt believe within a few minuetes she figured out I wanted her to put all four feet on the ball and then balance. What a smartie pants. I will try to get a picture of her doing her exercises, she is quite a tropper and putting up with everything I have asked. She even seems to like the ice packs and just lays quietly and seems to know it is all for her own good.

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