Monday, August 11, 2008

Shaping and Gratitude

So I am just trying to figure out how to do SOMETHING with the videos, LOL, so sat and spent the afternoon first trying to shape closing a box with Liz and Breeze, shaping 2X2 weaves with Cherry, who is doing well by the by, and shaping laying on a mat to put with my contact behavior which has fallen apart with Liz. Seriously not sure about what to do with Lizzies contacts, but might post a video and a seperate entry about that soon. Sooo can not figure out how to uncode my ipod music to put with videos, which sucks, but finally got a video made with music and everything-even if I had to use a song that came with the computer, LOL.

Made a few other decisions, started a gratitude journal again, an idea I first heard on Oprah, but has helped in the past when I feel off balance, so of course the whole idea is to list five things to be grateful for every night. Sounds like a stupid and easy thing but it has been a powerful thing in my life at times, it just helps to remind me of the great things I do have in my life. It is just too easy to focus on problems some days.

So for some of the things I am really grateful for, I am so grateful my kids are so wonderful, strong and healthy, that has to be a HUGE thing to be grateful for. I am grateful I do have so many choices in my life and that I am healthy and can make new decisions every day. I am grateful that I do have the things I really need, there are a lot of things I WANT that I do not have, but I have the basics and I should be happier about that. As far as my dogs because this is my dog blog.....I am grateful that Lizzie is so happy, friendly and so attached to me, she might be difficult to focus and work with but she has the underneath desire to be with me. And she is growing up and BOY am I GRATEFUL about that!!! I am grateful Breeze is doing as well as she is and she just looks so good physically right now and she keeps showing me how smart she is. Chloe is just such an easy dog and so sweet, what isnt to be grateful about that. Skyler is just an easy to get along with dog. And I am really grateful that there have been so many people that have helped me along the way with this agility journey, I have had a lot more people take an interest and really help me then I deserve, and I have met so many people through this, there have been hassles and conflicts but even that has all been resolved so....I guess I dont have a lot to complain about. And most of all I am really GRATEFUL my dogs understand CLICKER TRAINING, working with some dogs that don't understand it makes me really grateful that my dogs do-having such a powerful tool sure makes like much more wonderful!!!

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