Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We might actually get there--where ever there is!

WELL, this week is the big IRS TAX AUDIT, YIKES!!!! The funny thing is we have nothing, and can not imagine where we could hide anything money wise, our stuff is pretty non complex, BUT we are being audited and they claim we owe them a ton. Ahhhhhhhh......anyway, we are not so ogranized with receits and stuff, so we might be going away for a long time. So before we get shipped to the poor house or the big house I went ahead and ordered a cart so I can go to trials and my dogs dont have to both get stuffed into one soft crate barely big enough for one of them, (actually that is what I had to do last weekend because it was just too far to drag the big wire crates-because it was hot and I am just weak and lazy). Sooooooo have to say it is sort of exciting getting together all my supplies and putting together my "kit" for trialing. All of a sudden it really feels like we might actually be able to trial one day, and if we dont end up going away we are going to be ready, YIPPIE!!! I got a gift certificate to Clean Run for a dog I am keeping here and working with, so going to get some of the other little things I will "need". As for the actual meat and potatoes of this venture......Breeze started back to her agility slowly, not sure I picked the right thing to start with but first she was allowed to do short runs and now we are doing weaves. She is doing eight weaves as of today. I am sure that Susan Garrets 2X2 weave video should be out any day now, videos always come out just AFTER I have finished training whatever they are about. Lizzie has had some horrible diarrhea and isnt herself, although no one can find anything specific wrong but I am worried about her, so she isnt doing her weaves, and then I am figureing out that dogs that arent opporant and dont know that game and not food motivated are not the best candidates for 2X2 training, I had tried the little dog we are taking care of and the results are less then exciting. Anyway, so nothing really exciting happening, just the trappings and some sutle signs that we might actually be moving forward.

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ffluffy said...

Remember it is about the process...not the end result! The journey...not a final outcome. Like I am one to talk... You are doing fabulous!!!!