Wednesday, August 27, 2008

second session of learning to HIT IT in box

Ok so here is our second session with Lizzie to teach her to get four feet in the box. She is still doing a lot of looking at me, the bummer is that I have taught her that when I had so much trouble getting her to stay with me so she focuses nice, but I am using reward placement across her vision line and away from me to try to get her focusing off of me. Anyway, she likes the box work, the command is Hit IT, and I am hoping to either maybe try the RAchel S method of running Aframes or use this to teach her to collect and stride on the Aframe, so she isnt jumping off the end. I am still sort of playing around and trying to figure out what I want to do wtih the Lizzie Lou. Hey but she is with me and working well, having a good time and I couldnt be more thrilled even if we do have some bugs to work out, we are on our way.

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