Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cherrys Progress for December

We finally get to work outside again after a huge break. I have been inside working on shaping an automatic down on a contact board-one that is 20 inchesX12 inches, I think that is going to be my contact behavior for Cherry, a 2o2o with a weight shift to the back if she can handle it with her back end. I have also been running her over the aframe, and hopefully that will build up some muscle tone-so that is having to go pretty slowly to give her muscles time to build themselves up. We also started the stay behavior, leave it, sending to dead toys, strengthening the hand touch and of course playing on a lowered teeter. So all in all Cherry is really doing well. Can you believe this dog that wouldnt take treats when she got here will now very happily work for kibble, LOL. What a good girl. I think the one new thing we will add in this week if the weather stays nice is sending to a tunnel, and working on a longer plank, like sitting, standing, turning around, running. Cherry has this weird way to walking sideways with her back end sometimes so I want her to be very comfortable with moving her body around on the plank before I start raising the height of that, and then adding in the dog walk.

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Diana said...

Wow thats really good. I wish I could have seen how the poles were angled. It was hard to tell from the side. And you probably already know this but you need to throw the toy sooner so she doesnt turn to look at you when she is done with the poles. I have this same problem. Late throws ugh! But the video is still impressive. thanks, Diana