Monday, December 15, 2008

Training in the Rain, and Snow

Well, my weave challenge with Cherry has ground to a halt. First off I met my Mom and my two aunts in Long Beach for the AKC invitational trial. One of my Aunts was trialing in Obedience. We had a pretty good time but I missed my kids and the fur kids because we were gone all weekend. When we got back we have had some snow and lots of rain-yep, right here in the So. California desert! So I have guests in the house, three border collies and two shelties and the back yard is basically a lake right now. Have I said before that we have a very small house? So I tried to set up the weaves to work in the house, I was going to take out the living room furniture like someone suggested......but have had to be content with training on the traveling plank, doing some shadow handling and working on our lefts and rights, but no weaves......OOOH dear--Poor Cherry I might have to add a few days to my personal challenge of teaching her the weaves with shaping before two weeks was up. I didnt plan on losing days to the weather, this is So Ca after all!!! hahahah.
Have to say I am over my little pity party with Liz, not sure what I will ever meet the goals for her that I origionally had when she arrived here, but..... I wouldnt trade one minute of the time I have had with her for anything. I think all of my dogs are pretty durn cool and I am feeling the gratitude today. Even Little Cherry - I am lucky enough to be able to be playing/training with her now while she is just going through such an exciting time, she is just blossoming before my eyes-so I am not sure how long she will end up being here, but I do feel lucky to have her here for the time being. Cherry and I will get those weaves even if the schedule is delayed because of weather, hey maybe the SG 2X2 weave DVD I ordered will be here before we finish???

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