Saturday, August 8, 2009

Julie and Julia-and my girls right of passage, LOL

Well, there was another right of passage at our home on Saturday. I took my two daughters, a young teen girl, and a preteen, to see their first adult movie. NOOOOO, I do not mean one with questionable content, no bad words and no suggestive content, but a more adult story line then the usual Disney movies I usually take them to see. I saw the movie lasts almost 2 1/2 hours, so I threatened if they chose to go I did not want to sit through 2 hours of them complaining or saying they were bored or how much longer? Any of you with kids know what I mean! I was not sure if this would be a movie that would have much of interest for them, but my knee was really hurting and I had a free Saturday, it was the only appropriate movie I could find and I really felt like a movie would be nice. Turns out the kids liked the movie and were absolute angels. It was the first movie of the day so there were not a lot of people and we have a pretty new theatre, so it was really a great thing to do on a Saturday morning.

It was fun to watch the movie. The movie followed Julia Child's life experiences while learning to cook and writing her cook book and a lady named Julie who was blogging her experiences working her way through Julia Child's cookbook. She made every recipe in the book including some that called for calves feet, like real calves feet, YUCK! I really feel people need some external passion, something they are working toward, some goal and a way to challenge themselves, that is why Hobbies can be so great-even if you have a great career. It was fun to watch both of these ladies find their passions and carve out a little nitch for themselves in the world. It was also fun to watch Julie blogging and some of the issues that arose from that in her life, especially since a lot of people keep blogs now a days, and in contrast even though Julia Childs lived years ago, the things she was going through were very similar to a lot of mine and my friends struggles today.

I would recommend the movie and my daughters and I had a great morning, although I always sit in the back and the new theatre has stadium seating and my knees were bothering me so badly, when the movie was done and my knee had a chance to freeze up, I thought I was going to have to call 911 to get me down all the stairs, LOL. Good thing there was not a fire because I would have had to burn, because I sure was not moving fast at all!!!


Diana said...

I remember taking my kids, they were quite young, to a music concert call "Stomp". Have you heard of them? I had bought 4 tickets thinking someone couple at work would like to go with us. No one had heard of "Stomp" and when I told them about it, they all looked at me like I was crazy.(Its a group that plays music with brooms, sinks , trash cans ect..) So my husband and I took my kids. I think they were 5 and 7 yrs old. They loved it and sat completely quiet the whole time. I was so happy I took them. You never know how things are going to go. Im glad it worked out. Sorry about your knee. I kinda know the feeling. When I go to movies now, I get up and Im so stiff. How old am I, 80?? Lol Diana

wishy the writer said...

oh, how old are your girls? Mine's 9. I'm worried she's still too young for that movie. I'd LOVE to see it with her, though! I chick flick with my daughter would be FUN! Thanks for sharing!

Kathy said...

my girls said they liked the movie, and said they thought it was interesting...and there was really nothing hard for them to handle for sure, my girls are 11 and 13, and I was suprised they like it, but I am looking forward to going to more girl movies with them!