Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yippie, nothing too serious for Liz

I took Liz to the holistic vet for an adjustment-it has been forever since she needed one-and to check on what was going on at herding with her gait.

One thing I forgot is how wild Liz is taking her a new place.....she was going a mile a minute and wanted to get in the room and was barking really loud. Usually I am there with Breeze who is a perfect lady, going anywhere with Liz is a little more tiring....LOL

It is not nice to compare two dogs to each other....but I am going to, LOL! Breeze and Liz are such different dogs, and react to things so differently so it is hard not to compare them at times. Breeze gets regular visits to the holistic vet and is always freaky when the vet needs to examine her, do her acupuncture treatments or chiropractic adjustments but she is quiet and well mannered about it. Breeze has such a sweet, quiet way about her, she is so much easier for me to take anywhere then Liz is, while Liz is just a whirlwind. Anyone can handle Liz, tug on her, pull her this way and that and she is just mildly interested and glad to be getting the attention. Poor Breeze will pee on the vet and has rubber legs and she really does not enjoy any part of it. So...definitely they each have their plus and minus's when going to the vet. I must admit When I leave the vet after taking Liz for a visit I am always a little more tired then I am when I leave a vet visit with Breeze.

So the vet watched the video of the weird gate and steps and really checked her pads, her legs, her knees, her hips and felt like the hip was a little out of alignment on the right but her knees seemed to feel very stable, she did not act like her feet hurt, her hips seemed fine just needing a little adjustment, so she thought that Liz must have just pulled a little something and then was just working through the discomfort so probably irritated a soft tissue injury a little further. So the prescription, light activities for a few weeks, a chiropractic adjustment, and lots of massages to keep the blood really flowing well in that area, warming her up really well and massaging before activity and a recheck to make sure she did not need any further adjustments in two weeks. Dr. Modglin felt sure no xrays were needed and that she would be just fine.

I like vets visits that end that way, just a few bucks and a little of my time but now I will not worry about those knees. It's all good!


cpagility said...

So are you back on for the herding lesson on Friday morning?

Diana said...

WhooHoo!!! Im so glad everything is ok. Diana

Sam said...

Glad to hear your girl's okay! Can't wait to hear more about her training progress now that you know she's fit for it.