Saturday, August 29, 2009

PUPSICLES for a hot day!


It is hot here in Southern California, we have been a bit bored, and there are a lot of fires in the area so there is a lot of smoke in the air. Really not a nice day to do agility outside, so we pulled out our pupsicles and had a little treat. These are nice, I like my dogs to get a variety of foods, these are a little sweet, they are cool and the dogs have fun with them on a hot day. Alicia and I made some a few weeks ago and this is the type of thing that you do not need to follow a reciepe exactly just throw in some ingredients and wing it, they always turn out really good or at least the dogs seem to think so. This is also a good use for fruit that is almost overly ripe.


3 cups plain or vanilla flavored yogurt
2-3 ripe banannas
some strawberries or mixed berries
1 tbs honey
we are not that exact so we threw in some peaches as they were in season, you can really throw in any type of fruit.

MASH it all up (I used the food processor) and pour the liquid into ice cube trays, or little dixie cups. Put them in a freezer, if you are using ice cube trays you can pop out the ice cubes and put them in a bag and then use the trays to make more. If you use dixie cups then just peel the cup paper off before you serve the pup their pupsicle treats.


The receipe for this is from my holistic vet
3 cups plain non fat yogurt
1 cup unsalted peanut butter
1 tbs. honey
Combine ingredients. Pour Mixture into ice trays and freeze (2 hours)
Pop out one cube at a time and serve to your pup.


Diana said...

I have heard of these before. Ill have to try them, Im mean the dogs will have to try them. Diana

Sam said...

Those sound great! I've mixed yogurt and peanut butter together and froze it in Marge's kong, and she goes nuts over that.

PS. Marge isn't extremely toy motivated but I did run her a couple of times last night using a toy and throwing it at the end as a reward. The rest of the time, I stuck to treats.