Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lunch at Andrias after herding, the beach with the dogs

This is all just random stuff from our Monday adventure that I finally got around to taking off the video camera.

The video is of Lizzie when we first took her in the big pen with the sheep. She did a little herding of the sheep but mostly she was investigating the fence, checking for holes under the fence, trying to jump in the water bucket, smelling and sniffing, and finally she settled on rolling in some delectable smelling goo, yep, I got to ride home with her, and it did smell. Thank heavens we stopped at the beach, I made sure she got completely into the water, LOL.

After our herding lesson and the beach we went to Andrias a little seafood place I love to go to but usually dont have time for. Such a pretty place to sit and have lunch.

I got a short video of Breeze, she was out playing in the water and some dog showed up. I have had reactive dogs, so it always worries me when a dog just runs up to us, I never know, are they nice, what is the story? I put Breeze on the long line and was nervous because I could not see an owner ANYWHERE. Like come on, not all dogs like other dogs running around and the beach was deserted, so how does the owner know my dog is ok with other dogs. Anyway, the owner finally meandered by and did not even say a word, didn't ask if the dogs were all right, didn't call her dog, nothing. I was not even sure it was her dog, but he finally did follow her. Anyway, lucky Breeze is ok with other dogs and this did turn out to be a nice dog ;-).


Ricky the Sheltie said...

That rolling in the sheep poo is just gross!! Guess Lizzie had fun though!

The beach looks so nice - wish I could be there - but I hate it when people let their dogs run loose and are no where around.

Sara said...

I hate when people let their dogs run loose with no supervision, then say, "It's OK, they don't bite."

Yea, but your dog scared the crap out of my dog anyway!

I'd love to be able to sit outside by a beach right now & eat some seafood! Sounds great!

Nat said...

Lizzie was sure having fun rolling in that sheep poo! I get annoyed too by people who don't supervise their dogs at all.


Diana said...

That was one big dog. Im glad your dogs were ok with him. It seems so warm where you are. How nice. Its cold here right now but will probably warm up. Diana

Sam said...

That dog is HUGE!!! Oh Goodness, good thing he came up to breeze and not Marge because I would have had a huge problem on my hands - she would have freaked!