Friday, November 13, 2009

USDAA Nationals in Arizona

I have been watching the USDAA Nationals from Arizona. You can subscribe to the video, or watch the raw feed live for free. I am pretty bummed that when I could actually try to qualify to go next year... but they are moving the competition across the country-so I probably would not be able to go next year anyway ;-). I was reading through the results of the runs from yesterday, and seeing so many friends and dogs and trainers I admire, I really should have loaded myself into the agility mobile and went to watch the action even if we are not able to compete. Next best thing is watching the feed! They have the course posted and then you can watch people running, so I planned the course I would have run and now it is fun to see how everyone else is running it and how that is working for them.

VIDEO: Watch the action RIGHT NOW!

Right now, free live video is available showing the action in the main ring! Go
to;, click on video, and select
"raw feed." It will ask you to log in using your subscriber ID or competitor log
in credentials (if you own a USDAA-registered dog, you have these; there's a
spot for you to click to retrieve them if you don't know what they are). Only
register as a first time user if you aren't a subscriber and you don't own a
USDAA-registered dog.


Sam said...

I'm trying to watch but the darn thing won't load! I love how they provide the course map.. I'm over here thinking about how I'd handle the course.. it's impossibly hard!

Sam said...

Yup, Marge is my first dog. I think I'm lucky to have her, as the next dog will be so much easier thanks to all the learning she's making me do!

BTW I finally got it to load - the course looked like a lot of fun, on the map it looked really hard but it was actually pretty flowey in the video. Thanks so much for putting the link up.. I could've sat and watched it for hours on end!

Nat said...

It's so cool!! I'm watching the Steeplechase finals right now!