Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cricket and Breeze's vet visit






Breeze and Cricket got two new big pink balls because they were such good girls at the vet today.

Cricket got to go to the vet to get her rabies shot. She was fantastic, she marched into the vets office like she owned the place and was trying to run and jump at everyone she saw. She looked like she was wiggling and wagging her back half so hard she could wag it right off. Cricket is one happy girl. Unfortunately, it is the vet that Breeze usually goes to by herself and she was not happy Cricket was acting so excited in her vets office, so she kept giving Cricket the stink eye trying to warn her to settle down and kept going over and grabbing her muzzle in her mouth when Cricket would get too exuberant. Poor Cricket it is hard to have a big sister that runs such a tight ship.

Cricket got to go to the cute little boutique we found after the vets office. The groomer there just LOVED her and kept giving her the most marvelous treats....Cricket picked out two of the best pink balls, we have never seen such big balls with feet, it squeeks so nicely and it is PINK-I think they are called cuz balls, but this one is much bigger then the other ones we have. The second ball is a jolly ball but does not have a handle, lately the handles usually do not make it past the first play session so it is good there are no handles, maybe this one will last at least a week ;-).

Breeze....What can I say about my Breeze? Last summer Breeze hurt her back/neck area and was not able to do the weaves in a trial. After that it seemed she got a lot better but never really got totally well. We were having a lot of weave problems but sometimes it is so hard to tell, is it a training issue or is it that the weaves had hurt and she got used to avoiding them or are they still hard for her??? How do you ever really know?

We have worked on Breezes striding through the weaves with some WAM weave poles and I put her through slightly open channels--Breeze was having a gorgeous stride through the weaves as long as we had aids to make it easier. The minute I tried to go back to regular straight up and down weaves she could not maintain a stride through all twelve poles. As she got down the line of poles she would sort of just not be able to continue striding and would have to skip a pole, then gather herself and start again. As time went on I could tell she really was trying hard and knew what to do but she just couldn't do it.

Then I noticed the Aframe stride had changed. She has had the same stride for three years and why would she change so drastically now? Hummm, my suspicion was increasing.

Last week at class I noticed that Breeze who always has the tightest turns was turning these giant, wide turns. Deanna said she saw Breeze cranking her head and neck into a tight turn but her back end was just not able to follow, her back legs were working really hard to try to pull her rear end around a turn but just were not doing well. The last day or two I was practicing in the park - just sending Breeze around trees, light posts, etc so I could really watch and at times doing right hand turns her back end almost flew out from under her, she really seemed to have trouble maintaining her footing and working her back end.

Well, the doctor said that Breeze was really not feeling good, her neck was way out, her vertebra mid back were really out of place. Her right hip was really high and twisted. So Breeze got an adjustment and a laser treatment for her back and some acupuncture and she will go back for the same treatment next week. It was funny because as I was holding Breezes head and the doctor manipulated her vertebra mid back I could feel Breeze just sigh and relax-even though she is not fond of being touched, it really seemed to feel good to her. I have never seen such definite signs of relief from her before. So today we have light activity, half regular activity tomorrow and pretty normal activity until next week when she get another treatment and see how things held up. Poor Breeze, I am really getting pretty tired of the non stop injuries. I really hope this helps her feel better. The good thing is other then the things I noticed during agility, Breeze looks pretty good most of the time,...she is not dropping bars, she looks good running, she is not taking weird steps so hopefully we get her neck and back worked out and she will hit another good patch physically!

The vet was really pleased with all the rear end work we had been doing, the perch work, the backing up stairs, the sits to stands and the core work, and of course the stretching, I have concenrated the stretching more on her hips and back legs, and from the work the vet did today I think she needs more stretching on her front legs and shoulders, which makes sense with the problems I saw striding through the weaves and over the aframe.


Sara said...

It is amazing what the vet can find on a chiro exam. My chiro vet always says weave problems are your first clue that they aren't feeling right. Oreo sighs contently so much when he's adjusted too, and we all know how sensitive he is around people. I hope Breeze is feeling better soon.

Those new toys look like fun :)

Diana said...

I hope this helps breeze feel better. Looks like the pink balls were a hit! Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Poor Breeze always hurting and never feeling quite 100%. Sounds like the vet made her feel temporarily better and hopefully with some rest and some more treatments she can finally feel GREAT! I found it interesting that sometimes her rear end seems to slip out from under her - Ricky does that occasionally but usually on slippery floors (like at the bottom of our stairs). I so wish dogs could say what is wrong - it would make it all so much easier!

LauraK said...

Your dogs sound like they have tons of personality- poor little Cricket not being able to have *too* much fun at the vet :) I might have to look into a vet that does chiro work- Riley has been having weave issues just recently, and now you've got me thinking. Just another thing to worry about...lol. Hopefully Breeze is back to working in no time!

Jules said...

Poor Breeze and poor Kathy. It is really a fine line - trying to allow your dog to have fun and take care of them physically.

On Tuesday at PT, Bug's therapist commented that when we do go back to weaving to make sure to do extra stretching of his front. She recommended abduction and adduction stretches as well as stretching him in flexion and extension. She stressed the abduction and adduction stretches

I hope Breeze is feeling MUCH better. And what great sisters getting along so well.

Kathy said...

Well, that is so interesting about Bugs therapist commenting about needing extra stretching on the front for weaving....no one had said that before-but I should have thought it makes sense...but watching how reaching and getting that stride esp in the 24 in weaves where Breeze has to reach a little further....boy that makes so much sense. I will be vamping up my warm ups and cool downs esp when we are weaving for sure!

Danielle's Dog Training Blog said...

Indy has a that same ball with the little feet on it..only it's blue. He loves it! Cricket and Breeze look so happy playing with their new pink balls!

Patti and DeBoys said...

Breeze -- In the first picture, your eyes are definitely saying this one is mine...LOUD and CLEAR! :)

We are hoping you feel 'FANTASTIC' very soon.

Sagira said...

They are SO cute! Love the photos.

Glad that they were so good at the vet's office.

Hope that she feels better now that she is all adjusted. :)

Cynthia said...

Adjustments are so good. I think I need one myself. :) Your girls sounds so great at the vet!

Nicole and George said...

YAY New Toys!
I hope Breeze feels better, eesh! a chiro vet sounds like a great idea.
I wish dogs could talk and say how they feel, it'd make life and decisions so much easier!
Feel Better Breeze!

AC said...

Can you send some of that vet-lovin energy to my KOna Girl? So impressed that your girls handle vet visits so well.

While an out back/rear isn't good news, it sounds like the adjustment was just what Breeze needed.

Lori Vicari said...

I just got Moe's card in the mail he needs his rabie shot also, I'm sure I will have to by him a new toy also(like he needs it) Love the photo of Cricket leaping in the air behind Breeze tooo cute!!! Kisses to my grand pup who turned 14 months on tuesday :-)

Morganne said...

Summit gets chiropractic adjustmentn every 6 weeks. He's always out somewhere (neck or hips) but its minor since he is adjusted on a regular basis.

Hillcrest Border Collies said...

Cricket picked out pink because she comes from the princess lines.
My dogs love Cuz balls and I like them when the squeaker is dead. Actually, I love watching the dogs have a blast with the Cuz's.