Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More Boxes and training in cold weather!

This is the next step of Crickets Box for the Aframe running contact. I was actually pretty shocked how good she did. I edited for time but I did not edit out any mistakes, I think that was our first 100% successful training session, weird, hope it was not a fluke!

This is just to show you all where we spend three nights a week training. Can you believe they do swimming when it is 34 degrees outside and the kids are using an outdoor pool. On the last clip Cricket is looking back to the area where the kids are swimming. I have to say that the kids swim for 1 hr 45 min three times a week in the night and a session on Saturday morning and it sure seems like a long time now that it is so cold. I was so cold it was hard to get the mechanics of training right my fingers were freezing...There used to be LOTS of joggers and people walking their dogs, but strangely enough I have the park mostly to myself which is a bit eery! Breeze was also working doing some recall practice, and Lizzie and I took a long walk practicing heeling but those practices were in the areas where the lighting is not as good so they did not get filmed.


Sara said...

Wow, Cricket is doing great!

I bet the water feels really warm compared to the air, but you couldn't get me in a bathing suit.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

You are amazing the way you make the most of your time! The dogs get in all that great training while you wait for your daughter! How is it that the kids don't end up with pneumonia coming out of the pool into the cold like that? Crazy!

Cricket's box work looks fabulous!!

Priscilla said...

Cricket is amazing!

I wonder how the kids feel when they have to leave the water! It must be freezing!!! However, I think the coldness also makes the kids keeping swimming as well. Poor kids!!!

Diana said...

Well done!!! If it where 34 degrees out, Id have to have gloves on. And get in a pool, forget it! Diana

Morganne said...

Awesome video! She's looking really good.

Cynthia said...

Brrr that does look cold! Very nice work though. I love following the box training.