Monday, November 29, 2010

Cricket's test!

Well, have to admit that I really am enjoying "homeschooling" Cricket. I really enjoy teaching obstacles and know how I want to teach things and I really like being able to go as slow or as quick as Cricket and I want to go and being able to concentrate on what we want to focus on.

The downside is that right now gosh it feels like a jambled mish mash of skills. It would be nice to have a class that would break things down into small bite sized pieces every week and not have to worry about having a plan, LOL, but right now it just seems every time I turn around I think of something else that I really feel we should work on.

We took some time out to work on some tricks, just some fun shaping and that really reminded me how Cricket likes to work. Cricket will keep working and working and be very happy, but shaping some tricks I really realized how much better Cricket does with short sessions with really high rate of reinforcements...she will work forever, but she really learns so much faster if I do not get greedy when we are training. So I am getting more strict with myself and taking my stop watch out to remind me to keep the sessions really short and sweet.

One of the things we are working on is the Running AFrame so this is some of our beginning box work, I am checking to see if I think Cricket really understands to look for the box and to pounce into it with all four feet.

Breeze was back at the vet last week. The vet is pretty sure her back is the cause of all the problems but it is at a place that is hard to strengthen with just exercise. She had thought the back issue would heal much more quickly then it has, so she is going to have us continue with weekly laser treatments and she says that for awhile we might only be able to do weaves once a week with Breeze....which is fine.

Luckily though she does feel Breeze will be able to over come this and do fine I really liked hearing that. The vet does not think it feels like Breeze has disc disease although she did say that if this is not treated correctly this is this type of injury that could become chronic and lead to disc disease, so as far as I am concerned if we have to keep Breeze out from weaves and really tight turns until spring, that is fine by me.

For now it is weekly vets appointments, since it is the Christmas season with the busy schedules, crowds, and the bills Christmas brings, LOL, not exactly the best time of the year for that....but when is a good time?


Sara said...

Sorry to hear about Breeze. I hope she continues to heal over the next few weeks.

Cricket is so much fun to watch!

Sagira said...

Good job Cricket!

Sorry to hear about Breeze. I hope that she heals up correctly and is back to new again ASAP! :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sorry Breeze's back is still a problem but it is good news that you vet thinks her problem can be over come!

Cricket is doing great finding the box! That is so cool! I know what you mean about having a class and a plan but I am jealous of the knowledge that you have and that you can homeschool your dogs! I wish I could do that!

kiwichick said...

Nice job with Cricket. She looks great. Sorry about Breeze's back. It is always something with the dogs :-(

Marie said...

Cricket looks great! You are really doing such a nice job with her.

I hope Breeze is able to heal like this vet thinks she can. That would be great. :-)

Jules said...

Yay Cricket!! And that is positive news about Breeze - I agree not the best time of year though.

Diana said...

Im glad you got some positive news about Breeze. Sorry she isnt better yet.

Cricket looks great in the box.

I cant beleive you are out there in your socks. How do you keep them clean. LOL Diana

Morganne said...

So sorry to hear the update about Breeze. There is never a good time for a hurt dog.

Great video on beginning the box work. Hopefully you keep documenting each step!!!!

Priscilla said...

Clever Cricket! She did so well!

I'm so sorry to hear that Breeze isn't better yet but it's good news that the vet has positive thoughts about it. Hope she's getting better in no time!

Cynthia said...

Looks really nice! I am looking forward to seeing how you progress forward. :)

I am with you on training on my own. Good points and bad. I love going at my own pace, and going for the criteria that I want. Without having to disagree with an instructor, or just agree and do my own thing anyway. LOL But having a regular class to go to, with structure, is also nice.

And I seem to think of lots of things that I need too. Like that darn broad jump. I always forget to train that darn thing.

I hope Breeze heals up good!

AC said...

I think it's really neat that you've recognized how Cricket learns best. Shows how in tune you are with her! I have a problem with being scattered with Kona's training. Like you said, there's so much you want to work on. I need to get better at focusing on only a few things and getting them down before working on something else.

Healing wishes to Breeze..

Brittany said...

Great job Cricket! She looks like she is having a wonderful time.

Sorry about Breeze. Hopefully she surprises everyone and heals really quickly.