Monday, December 27, 2010

The Training Continues---

Breeze had a class Sunday afternoon. The GREAT news is Breeze was AWESOME. The course was rough for most of the class because it was based on European courses, but those are the ones that are our strong Breeze and I had a blast. Breeze and I were totally in sync-love when it feels like that!

I stayed after class and worked with Cricket. We did some more weaves, the first weaves since the other day when she did her first set of straight 12 weaves-the ones that are on the end of the video below. WOW, it was so cool she was going from a couple of jumps to a tunnel to the weaves and doing a gorgeous little check stride to make sure she caught the entrances, that was exciting.

Working with Cricket right now is just so exciting-I can not believe she actually understands things.....and gosh, it has just been her and did we get to this point? It is just so exciting to see we might actually be able to do this, how amazing is that??? Not to say it is all easy sailing....we have done tons and tons of work on recalls to heel, walking around the yard and clicking when she reads me stopping or reads collection cues, encouraging her to read my motion....WELL, last night she was really more then willing to do two jumps and run thirty or fifty feet to do a tunnel even though I was clearly STOPPING SHORT and standing still before a jump, LOL. We have also worked on sends, and I think she likes those a little more then reading collection cues or having to watch mom if given a choice....I love watching baby dogs learn!

1. Continue and work through the Susan Garrett set of weave challenges to really proof the weaves for Cricket.

2. Continue working through the Linda M Foundation jump training book.

3. Hopefully the weather will co operate so we can get working on putting the last of the teeter together so we can move onto really working on the dog walk.

4. Get back to working on the running Aframe exercises so we can get that onto the Aframe.

No more classes at the local club until the end of February-I am crossing my fingers Cricket and I can learn enough by that time to sign up for the upper level handling classes-otherwise we will have to wait for summer to be able to do any classes. The lower level classes are taught by a gal that uses a lot of methods I really prefer not to use.



Sara said...

Wow, what an amazing progression to watch. Really cool to see how you worked thru the process, and the absolutely incredible results! I'm also quite impressed with your toy throwing ability :) Cricket's weaves are awesome!

I'm glad to hear you and Breeze had a good class too!

Diana said...

wow, truely impressive!!! You know what would have looked cool? If someone would have taken a photo of the time you guys were weaving at the park with the blue sky, mountains and the water spraying in the background. That would make an awesome picture!!

Your video is really clear. What camera are you using? Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

So happy to hear that Breeze and you had a great class!! Oh how I hope she continues to feel good!

Cricket is a little agility superstar! You have done such an amazing job training her! Way to go!

I just got Linda M's foundation jumping book (and her brand new handling book) for Christmas! Soon I will know it all - LOL! (as if that were possible!)

Priscilla said...

You must be so happy that Cricket has started understanding you so much better! We wonder how it all happens, and how they grow up so suddenly, don't we?

You do such a great job with your dogs, I really admire you, all that time, effort, and experience in training the basics to agility!

Unfortunately I can't watch the video. It says that Sony Music Entertainment has blocked it in my country due to copyright grounds :( I bet it was amazing though!

Marie said...

Woohoo! I get behind on reading everybody's blogs and by the time I catch up, Cricket's weaving 12 poles like an old pro! Very nice!!!!

Geraldine said...

What a SUPERSTAR little Cricket is Well done on the weavers...

Sam said...

My internet started working again last night after it's usual (and annoying) slowdown, so I went to Youtube to make sure it really WAS working and opened this video of Cricket.. then exclaimed out loud, "CRICKETTT!!" LOL I was so happy to be able to SEE her success, not just read about it on the blog.

Congratulations! I really feel like I should learn how to teach 2x2 weaves because she looks SO solid.

Morganne said...

LOVE the video!!! and no it is NOT luck, you are a great trainer and worked hard to get those awesome weaves. So when Soleil is about 12 mos. old, can I send her to you for weave training?

Morganne said...

Also, I would be surprised if you guys weren't able to handle the upper level agility classes in February. When Summit was a baby, I put him in a Masters level class. My instructor just had us doing maybe 7-10 obstacles at one time, stop and regroup and then the next 7 or so obstacles instead of running the entire course from start to finish.

Sagira said...

Isn't it amazing once things just "click"? Seems like it happens over night even though it it a ton of work. Going great on the weaves. I wish we would get Sagira to move that fast. :)

LauraK said...

woo hoo look at that girly go! She's a rockstar!