Monday, December 20, 2010

Viruses, Trees and Weaves!

YIKES! I got on of those computer viruses, which was a bummer because I thought I had lots of virus protection and it is all up to date. I got this big warning on the desk top that a program had detected spyware on my computer and I should pay $69 for a program to get rid of it. Of course I did not pay but called the computer person instead!!! The only thing I could do on the computer was scan with Norton who assured me all looked good on my computer! THANKS Norton! It all looked great on m computer, except....I couldn't use it, hahahahhaha. It has been a hard computer weekend, so I am behind on blogs and making my videos....and I have cool video I really want to share, so hopefully soon!!!

It has been raining cats and dogs so we missed the fun match I had been looking forward to, and our agiity training has ground to a halt over the weekend, looks like we will have a wet Christmas. This weekend we got our Christmas tree up, my husband was dubious about putting up a tree and kept saying the dogs would knock it down or do something to it, which they might, but I am pretty good putting up xpen protection for things like that....but he really wanted a smaller tree we could put on top of a table in the living room, so WHAT EVER-that is what we did. Of course within an hour or two of putting up the tree KIMMIE THE CAT knocked the whole tree down-good job Kimmie! Luckily we sort of scooped the tree up and put it back and it has stayed safe the rest of the weekend-life with a bunch of pets is always exciting!

THE BEST HOLIDAY NEWS IS I can tell Breeze feels really good and she looks FANTASTIC! The vet confirmed my feeling that Breeze was doing GREAT, when the vet did her chiro she said Breeze feels so much better then she has in a LONG TIME,she thinks she has really turned the corner and is really healing well. So now we can reintroduce the weaves but only adding in one element at a time, harder entries, putting them in course, having the poles totally closed.

A video, nothing too exciting unless you are me or Breeze and have had to see her struggle and not able to do weaves in such a long time, these look like a dog that feels good, and nothing could be more exciting to me!!!


Diana said...

We have had a fair share of Christmas tree problems. We didnt put one up last year and probably wont this year either. LOL I guess if I dont do it, it doenst get done. LOL
Im so glad Breeze is feeling good. Diana

Sara said...

Viruses are a bummer. Glad you're back up and running.

What awesome news you got on Breeze! I hope she continues to do well.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sorry about the computer troubles - such a pain!

It is such great news that Breeze is feeling so good!! She looks awesome in that weaves video! I hope this is the beginning of years and years of her feeling great!

AC said...

So good to hear about Breeze!

It's super soggy out here and apparently the worse is yet to come! Try to stay dry.

Sagira said...

Computer problems are one of the worst. :(

Great news on Breeze. :)

Priscilla said...

Sorry about your computer problems. I never have to worry about mine because my husband is a computer geek! LOL!

Glad to hear about Breeze!! She is looking real good!

Morganne said...

I've gotten that virus before on my desktop. Its a pretty common one according to my computer guy.

Woohoo on the weaves. Are you sure you didn't speed up that video some ;-) They look too wicked fast to be real!

Cynthia said...

She looks awesome! That's so great that she's feeling better. :)

As for viruses... I have a Mac, so I don't worry about them. ;)

Dawn said...

Breeze looks GREAT!