Monday, October 31, 2011

No puppy breathe for me this halloween!

Well, this weekend I went to my friends house-Breeze's first mom to assist her with the delivery of anywhere between 8-13 pups that her dog Nel is expecting. Nel is such a sweetheart but I have never seen such a big doggie, she is a small border collie but her waist is 33 inches around and just looks so huge. Her temp was down on Saturday so I expected pups would be there soon, but when I left to go home Monday at noon there was no sign of puppies yet ;-), just poor Nel who really did not even want to walk to go outside anymore-who can blame her. I was bummed I missed the delivery....but I had to get home for Halloween with the kids! I was at the delivery of her last litter, that was a litter of 12 also.

When I got home this is what the girls had done while I was gone to get ready for Halloween:
Abby's Pumpkin:

Emmas pumpkin-

While we were hanging around waiting for Nel to pop we got to do some agility with Cricket and Breeze. Breeze was actually able to do the weaves, but all her contacts were broken and she was doing some funny jumping-I am going to have to review the video and see if I can see what was going on.....and Cricket, she was pretty spot on, she did great except for dropping about 25% of the bars,....hummm... We got some pretty awesome trick training in a new environment done--the dogs were so excited after waiting for me in the kennel they really were happy to earn some treats and willing to do just about any tricks to keep me from leaving them to the OUTSIDE KENNEL, ((shudder)).

Only Breeze and Cricket got to go to the ranch because if I bring dogs they have to stay outside in a kennel when I am not playing with them (((gasp!!)) and Lizzie will not put up with it (she barks constantly) so she got to stay home. It was too funny because every time I came out of the house-the kennel is across from the house door and these two tricksters would be in virtually the same spot doing the same thing every time I walked out the door.

So much for getting things done on time, I had planned on making our videos for our on line class this weekend --UNFORTUNATELY we are on the first week, and it is the second time through the class so no good excuses but we are late already, DRATS! We actually have done the training just nothing to post showing our work, so ya know, sometimes that is how it goes! Then there is my blogger friends that I have sorely neglected,sorry everyone, I am trying to do better but I have just been sort of really busy lately, not sure what I have been busy doing because it really does not seem like I have done much but.....


Sara said...

Love the pumpkins!

I'm not getting anything done on time lately either. I think all thsoe people who post their class videos on time must have no lives! LOL. How do they do it?

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sorry you missed Nel's puppies - she must be so miserable waiting for them to make their appearance.

The girls did a great job on their pumpkins! :)

Priscilla said...

I really love the pumpkins! Your girls are so creative!

Jules said...

Did the puppies arrive? How many? ;)

Kathy said...

no puppies as of tuesday morning at 10 am, I can not believe poor Nel has not had their puppies.

When I signed up for the first Silvia Trkman class -two weeks between lessons seemed like so much time, but boy by the time you start working with the lesson and get ready to make your video seems like the two weeks has flown by and I am late!

Sagira said...

Those are some really nice looking pumpkins!

I feel you, I am on mandatory OT at work and not getting anything done on time either.