Sunday, October 9, 2011


WOW, I was getting ready to post an entry to my blog and it says I have posted 500 postings, how is that possible???? LOL.

So She is back,... who is she that I am referring to??? Well, it is Kinetic, the BC puppy that will eventually be going to Japan. I agreed to keep her for a few weeks when her temp. mom was going to be going on a trip. Kinetic was here in August for 3 weeks. I have been going through one of those periods of just feeling overwhelmed by things lately so not the best time for a house guest,.. but, hopefully we will all have a good time.

So the fun thing about interacting with a pup that you do not see every day is that it is REALLY apparent how they have changed. With your own pup the changes might be happening really fast but because you see them everyday it is hard to see, or at least it is for me. Kinetic has changed a LOT in the last month. The one thing I noticed right away is a little more of a calmness about her. She is not calm by any means but she is just not as unfocused, she has a more settled inner self or something, LOL, sorry to describe it like that, but she seems a little more mature.

Surprisingly Kinetic seems to be about the same size. I really think when she was here last time she was going through a big growth spurt. At that time she could not get enough food and she was worried about food all the time, she was so hungry I felt bad for her... she would do ANYTHING for food and she had grown quite a bit during the time she was with us last time. Now she likes food but she is not willing to do ANYTHING for food -- she is a little pickier about it....well not picky about food but just a little more particular about what she is willing to do for it ;- ), she just does not seem to think about it as much.

Ears are always fun to watch how they change and all the pictures I saw of Kinetic from her first days she had prick ears. I thought her ears were pretty big to be prick ears but they seemed to be really determined to stay bright and perky. When Kinetic was visiting last time her left ear had started to go out to the side, or bend a lot. Now it seems like both ears seem to be trying all sorts of ear sets. I am betting her ears will end up sort of half up and half down sticking out to the side, sort of like Breezes ears.. but we will see.

As soon as I picked up Kinetic she was really trying to bolt out of the crate, so we did some crate games today. Kinetic may have done crate games in her home, I don't know but within 12 min she had gone from bolting and just trying to get out to rushing out of the crate when released then running back into the crate. She did great and learned really fast. I will have to move the game around to a few other locations and a few other crates in the next few days.

if you CHOOSE to look at this video, it is almost our entire crate games session today. Please do not look too carefully at the big legs, LOL, be kind, and luckily a good portion of the video I did in fast speed so no I can not open and close a crate door that fast, I don't do anything that fast, just ask anyone who has watched me do agility,LOL.


Diana said...

Whoohoo on your crate games! Love how that works.

Sara said...

Aww, she's really cute and a quick learner. I have to do more crate games with Chewy.

Priscilla said...

Kinetic is really wonderful and clever. I've never tried any crate games with Eva as I usually keep her in her room when I'm out. May be I should try some games with her too.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

It was amazing to watch Kinetic learning the crate games - she picked up on the criteria so fast! The whole concept is so brilliant!

Is your ankle healed? I have missed your posts - I know what you mean about being overwhelmed. But I hope you are doing better or will be soon! Take care!

vici whisner said...

Hey, no boot! congrats on a naked leg.

Always fun to play with puppies. Great job on the games.


Sagira said...

Pups do grow and change SO fast. I still can't believe my pup is now a year old already. Where does the time go? Love the crate games. I love that it also teaches them not to bolt out of car doors, etc.

Elli the cat said...

Kinetic, glad you are getting more mature and growing up. You are good at crate games---but you wouldn't catch me going in one of those things!