Friday, October 21, 2011

So Maybe I'm not the Fastest Person........ ;-)

I am super excited because I decided to redo the Silvia Trkman Puppy/Tricks October class. I did it last spring but I really enjoyed it, we got so much out of it but some of the tricks just required time for muscle building-and there was a lot of content in that class so we did not finish all the tricks. Since the tricks are all so good for keeping dogs in shape, I really wanted to redo it. I had such a good time the first time. Sooooo fair warning I will be posting videos of our work. We audited last time and this time we are going to be posting videos ;-)

I am redoing the Foundations class Silvia has too because we fell behind. I was trying to think this morning why we fell behind, I thought I was working hard and that class really was not as hard for us to keep up with.....then I remembered I HAD BROKE MY FOOT and couldn't do the class for quite a while, duh!

All of it just seems like things to take your time, get the behaviors really well and have fun with them, so no shame in being a repeater, ;-)

Speaking of the more confusing side of life....On Tuesday I got it into my head that it was Wednesday, not sure how....but I spent all day confused until the end of the day when I figured out it was Tuesday, duh!!

My confusion continued on the next day, my Thursday, everyone elses Wednesday.

When everyone elses Thursday came around-- it was my Friday -that was really bad. I texted an acquaintance that was having surgery on her dog on Friday to ask how things had went when I figured she probably would be getting ready to pick up her dog, well, she was still waiting for the surgery since she was on Thursday.... I had to look pretty dumb, LOL. I had trouble figuring out when to put the trash out,I missed my favorite show because I was confused about what day it was.

To make matters worse I saw another friends picture of her dog in costume, and thought oooh she has to be going to the dog club meeting for the costume contest tonight and called and asked another friend if she was going and what type of costume she would put on her dog. She was confused since the meeting is on Wednesday and for her it was Thursday, so somewhere along the way on Thursday I was thinking it was Wednesday and Friday at the same time.

It is a bad thing when your internal clock gets all messed up,YIKES!


Breanna said...

I can't wait to see video of you working on tricks, I love Silvia. I'd really like to work with her someday :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I am also looking forward to the videos you make of your classes with Silvia! I think it is great to repeat stuff - you can get so much more out of it the second time through!

Today is FRIDAY! LOL!

Sara said...

I never got thru all the stuff in the puppy class. Still working on so much stuff.

We are auditing her foundations I'll have to watch for your videos! That'll be fun!

Diana said...

Now I'm confused! What day is it? Lol

Priscilla said...

Now I envy everyone has some classes to go, not many choices here and there are mainly puppy OB class which we did it more than a year ago.

Time stays and flies, it confuses me all the time : )

Have a great weekend!

Sagira said...

Now I think I am confused after reading about all that confusion. haha :)

Elli the cat said...

Sounds like those classes will be fun. What does it matter what day it is? The only important times are Snack time, Meal Time, and Nap Time.