Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crickets first trial, SECOND day!!!

Novice B Standard-Judge: Susan McClair
Distance: 126 yards SCT: 64 seconds
Score 90 (Q) Time 43:09 seconds 2ND PLACE

Novice B Jumpers With Weaves- Judge: Mark Upshaw
Distance 98 yards SCT: 36 seconds
Elminated time: 18:02--1 DROPPED BAR

How funny I never checked our scores on the first trial day- Sunday-I knew we had bobbles so I just went home and never bothered to look. I got home and was in bed and it hit me THIS IS NOVICE, you are allowed a few bobbles, so when I got back the next day I found I almost did not pick up my FIRST RIBBONS!!! WHat was I thinking.

Novice B JWW-Judge: Susan McClair
Distance: 93 yards SCT: 34 seconds
Score: 100 (Q) Time 22:49 seconds FIRST PLACE

Novice B Standard Judge: Mark Upshaw
Distance: 130 yards SCT 65 seconds
Eliminated time: 39:43 Teeter flyoff

Well, our first trial is history now. We were back Monday for our second day. Monday was pretty light at the trial and I left the house thinking I had plenty of time to get to Woodley Park, in Van Nuys where the trial was-about 2 hours from my house.....BUT I was not thinking and we had to go right through Pasadena where the Rose Parade was just about to let out. I knew I would never make it to the trial if the parade let out before I got past that point so I was sweating that, but we made it. I could see the parade from some over passes as I drove by ;-).

It was like mid 80's and I live in Southern CA but this time of year I was really not used to that temp, so it really felt HOT.

Cricket was a little more excited, and I do think we are out of the woods yet with start line "issues" I would not be suprised because I could feel Cricket getting more and more anxious. Cricket did hold her start line, she got all her contacts, except her teeter she thought was a dog walk so she FLEW off it. I had one point in jumpers where I think I was admiring my dog and did not get my butt moving so Cricket spun around to see what I was up to.

It was a lot more fun to be running with my girl then I had thought it would be, she was such a good girl....well, except how she jumped on every table, every person and lunged into the ring netting and got her head stuck and pulled it down, she was a bit on the excited side most of the day.

Not sure what is going on with the video but if it does not play the link for the video is http://youtu.be/cZUrxULuJjs
it does not seem to work with IE but it does with firefox, if you can not see the trial videos and are dying to, you can email me at mochos@charter.net and I will email you the link!

I got some GREAT Pictures, check it out, a first trial with all runs I was happy with, 2 Qs and a photographer that got lots of great pictures, some really pretty ribbons, what more could I have asked for????


Sara said...

Oh Kathy! Cricket is so much fun to watch. Her joy and enthusiasm is palpable. I love how she keeps checking in with you, as if to say, "Mom! This is GREAT! Oh, you want me to jump next! WhooHoo!!!!!"

Adorable. Congratulations!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Cricket IS adorable! Wow - she is so excited and happy to play that game with you! I loved it! Congratulations on an absolutely amazing first trial with her!

Diana said...

Great job!! She looks so happy and excited. What fun!

Sarah Duke said...

LOVE her table!! Beautiful aframe too!

Priscilla said...

Two of you are such a great pair! It's lovely to see how you work with her, she is an amazing darling!


Marie said...

Yay for you both! I'm so happy for you girls! What a great start for a wonderful team. :-)

Patti and DeBoys said...

Well it looks like you two are off to a great beginning for the year. We have to agree with all above that Cricket is loving very minute of the game.

After the jumps -- I did it. Did you see mom?
At the table -- Woooo, Shoooow I made it.
At the end of walk -- You come-n mom, what's next?

Congrats to a fun team on your first trial.

The year 2012 is going to be a great one!

kiwichick said...

She totally thought it was the teter. She looks great.

Nicki said...

Congrats on a great trial! Must be nice to be outdoors in January! And I loved her table-nice stop!

vici whisner said...

Fantastic work! Oh what fun you have in the future. I sure hope to see you guys running in trials soon! The video didn't work for me so I'll check back later.

Sagira said...

You guys did awesome! I can't believe you almost didn't pick up your ribbons. You always check...you just never know! :)

I am going to share your blog link with my hubby. He SOOOO wants a border collie...but I just don't know if I could handle all the energy. Bokeh is about as much as I can handle. LOL

LauraK said...

WOW! That's all I can say!

What beautiful connection you two had on course- and for her first trial- amazing! All of your hard work and technical training really paid off, I am sooo happy for you two! Thank you for sharing videos of your big day!

On another note, that judge for your Std run was here in CO a couple times this fall and I just loved his attitude- so enthusiastic (especially with his clapping after EVERY run) and encouraging to all. Judges like that really make the trial. Crazy too that you all are outside trialing in the winter lol!

Jules said...

Really, really nice, Kathy! Congratulations! (((hug)))

Geraldine said...

Kathy well done, Cricket looks amazing she is so enthusiatic wagging her tail and so happy. Love her table, A frame you must be very happy with, you must be a very proud mum. Jive says Good on you sis, way to go...

Geraldine said...

Kathy well done, Cricket looks amazing she is so enthusiatic wagging her tail and so happy. Love her table, A frame you must be very happy with, you must be a very proud mum. Jive says Good on you sis, way to go...