Thursday, January 19, 2012

Seminars and Build A Bears for Adults

I think I am one of the luckiest girls around lately, I have got to go to a LOT of seminars and I am really enjoying the seminars. Heck I have not got to trial more then once because of the seminar schedule but what the heck I do not always get this many seminar opportunities so I feel like I have got to enjoy it as much as I can.

I meant to get a little video of some of the things we learned from the Rachel Sanders seminar last weekend....but with the Monday Holiday and me going out of town starting tomorrow, it just did not happen, so maybe next week.

Rachel was AWESOME as always.....she has such a way of breaking things down so you can really get how to handle something, and this seminar focused in on how to blend cues, your forward cues, your turning cues etc....

I really want to make a video of some of the fun stuff, Rachel was working on some of those flashy, sexy looking handling moves, it was a lot of fun so I will get on it the first of next week. Although maybe we will not be able to still do them by next week, LOL.

SOOOOO guess where I get to go this weekend??? Friday I am attending a Foundation seminar with Stacy Peardot Goudy at one of my favorite seminar venues, and Saturday Stacy is doing a Masters handling seminar which I get to audit. Friday night we all have a dinner out planned, and I am going to stay over so I feel like I am heading out for a vacation.

The only thing that is like a dark cloud over my little vacation is the predictions of light rain on Friday and TORRENTIAL DOWNPOURS all Saturday, .....of course this is an outdoor seminar;-).

Sooooo totally non agility, non dog related.....I have been looking around trying to decide what type of phone I should get because it is time to upgrade. Well, it was time we could have upgraded MONTHS ago but I could not decide if I wanted to stick with my basic phone or step up to the smart phones....I do like me some apps, and I know I would have a lot of fun with a smart phone but I am basically pretty cheap and that is a lot of extra money over a year for the extra data.

I had to go out of town to the vet yesterday.....and stopped at Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga where they have an Apple store. The girls and I had a great lunch then strolled into the Apple store.

I am sorry but I am a desert small town girl and I have never bought anything from somewhere like the Apple store so that was really something else.

The closest I have come to an experience like that is buying Build A Bears for the girls. If you have not done that that is an experience too, and a lot of the appeal is just the experience of buying your bear.

So at the Apple store I was just gazing longingly at the iphones-the 4s's of course and a salesperson came and answered a few questions saying earlier in the day they were out of the phones I wanted, but she would check, so I look away and look back and ask her if it looks like they have any and she shows me the box. WHAT??? It was like it magically appeared.

Next the salesperson says do you want your iphone to have a little jacket and she helped me pick out a protective case so my iphone would be protected. When you pick out your build a bear you pick out a bear and then go and they stuff it in front of you, you take your bear to all the stations and dress and comb your bear and put all their accessories on. Next my iphone just like the bear got all her little car chargers, screen protector, so it would look just so.

At Build a Bear you take a golden heart and say a promise to take care of your bear as you toss the heart into your bear and they sew the bear up. At the iphone store they break the plastic seal but wait for you to be the actual one to open it and you have to be the first one to turn it on, LOL, too cute. Then another associate transfers all your data from the old phone to the new phone and breathes the life into the new phone. You never even go to a register. It was surreal how I was just asking about the phone and then seconds later it seemed the transaction was complete, I had not totally decided yet but there she new white 4S 16GB iphone, LOL.

So far I am having a lot of fun, it is too trippy to get my emails at the grocery store and I love the texting. I am all signed up for a class in using my new phone next week but gosh I have it all loaded with music and apps already.


Sara said...

Fun stuff! My sister has an iphone 4, and she's always asking it "questions". Too funny.

Stacy comes here every summer. People rave about her. Hope you enjoy it!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Wow - a new iPhone!! Way too cool! I wanted the phone too but settled on the touch because of the phone plan. But I am glad you went for it!!

The seminars sound awesome - hope it doesn't rain Saturday though. No matter what, enjoy your holiday!

Diana said...

Yup, gota love those smart phones. How did we ever live without this stuff???? Have fun!

Elli the cat said...

Hope you have a fun weekend--with no rain. And, you're already all apped up---hope you enjoy the phone.

vici whisner said...

Excellent news. you must load the words with friends app. My user name is

I just purchased a new phone too. Ended up getting the dumb phone...but I have an ipad. I couldn't justify spending the xtra $$.

Enjoy your phone and enjoy your seminars. I've got a few coming up in February with Laura Derrett. Love seminars...always learn tons.

Greg S said...

Stacy's great! I am sure you will have a good time.

Next week I'm teamed with her dog SoBe in USDAA DAM team.

Funny how you had your new phone before you even really decided what you want!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I too was at the Rachel Sanders seminar in Yorba Linda. She is great!! I can't believe we didn't meet. hum....were you auditing ( I was) or participating with your dog?

Nicki said...

I love my iPhone. Dn't have the 4 but I'm sure it's even more fun!

Steffi said...

I really love reading your seminar recaps (especially since I've never gone to one before)! So... any chance you know when Silvia Trkman might be coming to the US? I would LOVE to go to one of her seminars.

I have an iPhone as well and your Build a Bear analogy totally cracks me up!

- Steffi

Sagira said...

You learn so much at these seminars one day you are going to have to put on your own seminar. :)