Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What are you doing Memorial Day Weekend?

A little break from my normal blog ;-)--

In case anyone has not heard of the Spring Agility Camp coming to my neck of the woods....thought I would post this video and if you live too far away or can not come there is some great agility in the video if you want a little agility break this morning.

I am not an advertiser, LOL, but this is something I am very excited about. I know a lot of people live where far enough away form big centers that they do not get a lot of chances to attend seminars so this would be a chance to come and see three world team members in one place.

The group that seems to show up to seminars in this area have always been fantastic, supportive people, the yard is fenced, the footing and equipment have always been in fantastic condition. The field is quiet and out in the middle of nowhere so there are not a lot of distractions for the dogs...I really love seminars at this spot.

I think there are still some spots available so I am hoping that some more blogger friends will be coming to the camp. We have some great things in the area, Disneyland, the Beach, San Diego so might be a good time to combine a vacation with some agility!

Memorial Day Weekend 2012
SoCal Spring Agility Camp with

These are 3 of the Top Handlers in the Country:

There will only be 10 working teams per group
$550 for all 3 days for working teams.

Marla Friedler-Cooper, MA CPDT
for questions or to get a spot email Marla at: creativedogs@gmail.com


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Exciting!!! You are going to have an awesome time and learn so much!!

Steffi said...

That looks like it will be awesome!!! I wish I could go to this but will enjoy reading all about it on your blog :) Have fun!

- Steffi

Jules said...

Wow! That sounds fabulous!

Sagira said...

Sounds like that is going to be a great time. Have fun!