Wednesday, September 3, 2008

and it continues....

We have just been doing the day to day training this week,nothing exciting happening except that Chloe is entered in a trial and we havent really run a full course all summer, so that will be interesting especially since Chloe is a very green trial dog, she has been doing agility for a long time but she hasnt trialed much. Add to that the handler trying to learn LM handling and how to handle the border collies who are very different, and it should be an interesting trial. Hopefully I will get some good video so we can all have a good laugh, LOL!!!
LIZZIES training:
WEAVES: So Lizzie is doing twelve weaves very fast and gorgeous, looking for and finding the entry, she loves them, she is looking ahead, I am very pleased with them. Our only problem with her weaves is that she is flinging the poles all over the place, I need to invest in some heavier, straight set. I currently have three lighter channel sets-two of them nice and one a piece of crap, a set of WAMS, but I think I will need a set that can be staked and I will have to bring stakes to class. She is a wild woman with the weaves.
CONTACTS: OK so this is sort of a sad thing for me, why, hey I dont know, but I guess I have just spent so long trying something else that it is a sad day to go to the trusted, and tried 2020 contacts.........The options I could have went back to the hoops and tried to fix my 4 on the floor, but I am getting everyone telling me it just wont be competative, but she likes it although I am seeing that in competition or with her excitement it is not holding up as well........I really do think I could do the rachel sanders box method but for reasons I am not going to go into here, guess that isnt going to be an option but I am dying to do it and Lizzie is learning it so well. So guess I am making the decision to be competative, and consistent we will try the DAMN 2020, although I really worry about my dog and her shoulders. So we started trying to train it and Liz has not had as much rear end awareness work as Breeze so she isnt as excited and she is confused thinking that of course we are by a board we get off and lie down. She really does know that part of the behavior for sure. So I am playing with some games and trying to give her the idea. I know I have to get my attitude on board or Liz is so sensitive I am sure she really isnt going to like the 2020 if I have the attitude I do. Anyway, we are finally heading somewhere I guess so we can move beyond all this contact hell.....
JUMING: We are doing some jumping with Breeze, trying to take it slow, and right now she is handling it well. She has totally forgotten all her collection work and is really not wanting to go by my side. She just gets very excited and wants to jump around in circles, so back to the recall to heel work. She is a LIGHTENING FAST dog though. She is going to be so exciting.
CONTACTS: I am seeing that I think she really is going to be jumping off her Aframe and I am determined to stop that before it starts so I think we are going to do some work with the hoops on the Aframe. I still would like to do a 4 on the floor on the AFrame with her because I do think she has the potentual for physical problems so I want to work with the AFrame but I am starting to change her to the 2020 on the dog walk. Several reasons for that, first I do think it is clearer and she is such an exciteable little girl, the clearer the better I think, I dont want to carry around hoops and mess with all that for the dog walk AND the Aframe, SHE LOVES the 2020, while Liz doesnt seem to like it, Breeze just always is trying to do that, so I think she will pick that up really fast, I dont think there will be the same pressure on her physically on the dog walk and then everyone will be doing the same contacts, except for Breeze on the Aframe.
WEAVES: WOW, what more can I say, she has the twelve down well, driving ahead, loves them, using a beautiful swimming motion, she can do what ever motion works for her but that is what she has chosen and it is pretty and fast. Anyway, will need to move onto the proofing, but she is looking for enteries well, very happy with this aspect of training.
Cherry, we have a really sweet bc staying here and doing Breezes rehab exercises. Really pretty cool the last few days it really seems that she is showing more range of motion. She is of course wanting to do some clicker training. She is doing 2X2 weaves and is just at the beginning of that and just starting to get it, she is playing on the rocker board, figure that will help her with balancing, core muscles and getting her used to moving surfaces, she was not wanting to go over the Aframe but loves it now, figure that will help with strengthening her back end since it is a very low aframe but it is like hill climbing. She has gotten all the house rules down and is just very easy and getting along with everyone.
So that is where we are at with EVERYTHING!

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