Friday, September 19, 2008

The GOOD type of blue ribbons!

So we finally went to a trial with Chloe. Unfortunately I had a big old attack of my nerves and for the first time at a trial I was really nervous-- nervous enough that I really made some silly mistakes. We got the hardest parts of the course and then made some silly mistakes. Usually when I run with Chloe and it is comfortable, easy, rhythmic and feels like going home. I had trouble breathing, and poor Chlo was running with the incredable shaking, jello woman, LOL. Guess I will be doing some mental management before we run again. I can only say I havent done much with Chloe all summer and have only run less then a handful of longer sequences so I just didnt feel comfortable. The really important thing is that the trial had great ribbons. Not the little flat ones, we did come home with a bunch of pretty rossettes. I am still new enough at trialing that I love the big pretty rosettes. So we did get three firsts and two seconds and we got Q's in Jumpers, STandard, Snookers, and we were in time in all our runs, so you know it wasnt that bad....just the mistakes were so silly that I feel silly. Our one issue that did come up was little Chloe who is the smartest dog of all times figured out that all rewards happened at the exit and by the end of the day she was trying to leave for the exit every time the course had us turn that way and she could see the exit. She came back and did fine, but....guess we have to work on that. We did get all the weaves without having to fix anything, we got all our contacts, we didnt drop any bars, so all in all it went well.
This weekend we have the big Border Collie Palooza. A friend is leaving another CPBC female-Bree, and then we have Cherry a CPBC and Breeze who of course is a CPBC, and Liz (a NON CPBC) who really must feel like a red haired step child this weekend. Funny all the dogs that come from the same lines all seem to just love each other right off the bat. They are all getting along with Liz, but like usual Liz would really rather play with me or Breeze if I am not around. Anyway, they are just too cute playing together. All six dogs are getting along beautifully, with our little house I am very grateful for that!
We are finally getting Lizzies contacts and she is deceiding 2O2O is not that bad, so we might actually make it through our contact hell. I am going to let Breeze start playing with her contacts too soon-she is looking good enough to add those back in soon. She is really looking very good although I started some of the Linda M jump exercises and gosh she is sort of lost with the collection work, so we will have to do a lot of practicing with that.

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ffluffy said...

You guys did so good at the trial! Chloe looked good and as her confidence goes up she will be looking even better and faster!