Friday, September 19, 2008

Liz is doing good....and Pickle giving her some pointers

So just wanted to post a little example of how the dog I couldnt get to stay with me is doing so well now. She really LOVES the LM system, I think she is one that really wants that connection and stresses when she doesnt feel connected, so she is really loving her lessons lately. So you cant see from this camera angle but that blue jump is right in her way and for her to look to me and not just take that jump is HUGE, she is starting to understand when to drive ahead by looking at what I am doing. Now the problem of course is when I am picking her up I hesitate for a second and I am going to have to trust her and get my butt moving. Check out Pickle like he is coaching Liz, guess that is one pretty good coach for her!

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ffluffy said...

You friggin rock for doing that right the first time! Even if you stalled out a little and all. That was hard! I am so proud of you guys for doing all the LM stuff. It is hard but once the dogs get it and you get it BAM! amazing! I heart Lizzie, she is a cool dog! and Pickle hearts her too!