Sunday, September 7, 2008

FAIR WARNING: I am horrible about grabbing my camera and getting any pictures....but when I do I just get a lot of pictures, and so everyone gets subjected to all our pictures.
Breeze is finally able to do more and more and seems to be holding up well with doing some agility.....although she seems to be slightly favoring her right front leg a bit....she is the most accident prone dog and a few weeks ago she was getting all excited watching her sister do agility and then was limping on that foot, but most of the time I dont see anything except she shifts her weight off it a little when she is just standing or sitting. ANYWAY, for the most part she is doing well, she is like lightening through the 12 weave poles, she is doing better with rear crosses and looking for her line of jumps, she loves her teeter, we havent done a lot with the collection work because I feel that should be added after she gets her muscles for jumping, she is doing pretty well with her contact on the dog walk, and she keeps trying to run across the dog walk. It is on low but she keeps scrambling on it, so she isnt really allowed to run across the dog walk but we are doing a lot of playing on the dog walk with sitting, down, jumping on, jumping off, turning circles, just trying to get her feet about her and get her to figure out how to handle herself on the obstacle. ANYWAY, origionally I just was posting the picture to say LOOK HOW HAPPY SHE LOOKS sitting on her teeter!!! I didnt mean to add all this other update, but..... I wish I got a better action shot but I am not fast or talented enough and my camera is not good enough and Breeze is too fast to direct Breeze and then get over and get a picture so we get a static shot of Breezes happy face to be out on a Sunday morning in the back yard and be large and in charge of the agility obstacles, LOL.

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