Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bakersfield girl finds forever home!

This is the foster Border Collie that lived with us for about five months last year. I found her at the Bakersfield shelter where she was an owner turn in. She was a year old purebred red/white girl, she had contracted kennel cough and was quite sick. Once she got home and recovered enough to be spayed we discovered she had pylometria, an infection of the uterus which can be fatal-so being spayed at that time did save her life. Roxie who is now known as Willow was a very high energy, sweet, loveable, smart girl. Definately not a girl for just any family though because of her energy level. Luckily she found a really great couple with another dog, an Aussie, who wanted to make her part of their family. So I just got an update and little Willow is just doing great, she has been at her new home a year now, she is obsessed by toys and very loved by her forever family. She was a very neat dog and very hard to let go of because she is just the type of dog I like, but gosh getting updates and knowing that she found the perfect home for her makes me really happy she came through our lives. ANYWAY, check those shelters, there are some very cool dogs that just need a break, or someone to give them a little bit of help!

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