Friday, November 14, 2008

Cutie Katie

So just had to post this cute little westie that some how found herself in rescue. I picked this little girl up last night and she is the cutest thing. She LOVES toys, she has some of the best doggie skills I have ever seen, she LOVES people, she has been through an 8 week in kennel obedience program, she is trained to go outside and potty on command, she is healthy, she is just very sweet and loving, and she is just a few weeks over a year old. ANYWAY, makes you wonder, this little girl went through the eight week in kennel program and everyone knows that was expensive...and her owners were just not willing to follow the training that had been done, so they saw no option other then turning her over to rescue :-( . She is really going to make someone the perfect dog.

ANYWAY, when I picked her up yesterday I intended to just put her in her crate until I finished with classes-we had the wild border collies and the wild Valhund all playing and she is a tiny girl. Mostly I knew Liz would manhandle her,....but she was just giving such nice signs and everyone seemed willing to include her in their play so I let her off the leash. She is one tough cookie for such a little girl. This morning I took her out on leash to try to get her to potty and right away she saw the other dogs and was going to play with them, no ifs, ands or buts. She even deceided Skyler the grump WAS going to play with her. She is fun to watch because she is rough in her play style, and wants to play with everyone so she will keep trying different things if a dog doesnt want to play, but she will back off if the dog doesnt respond.
Today I get to pick up another Westie for rescue-just very sad sometimes-I think sometimes it is very hard to be a doggie.

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ffluffy said...

I LOVE this little dog! I hope she finds a home. I sent a link to my dad and his wife, I think she would be a perfect 2nd dog for them!